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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Milestone Priority
#35 Make libroaryiff a perfect replacement for libY2 new enhancement medium
#50 Add support for HashTables new enhancement RoarAudio major release 1.1 medium
#64 Screenshot or pricture should be added for every product we have listed assigned enhancement New Website medium
#78 A VLC plugin should be written assigned themaister enhancement medium
#93 WinAmp plugin should be published assigned stephanj defect medium
#117 Naming Ideas for windows portal assigned stephanj task medium
#138 roarfilt(1) should be converted to VS API new task RoarAudio major release 1.1 medium
#174 bash_completion needs to match package new themaister task RoarAudio major release 1.1 medium
#179 Software for the Window$ Portal new stephanj enhancement medium
#180 Write specifications for usage of STREAM_PARA_RADIO assigned ph3-der-loewe enhancement medium
#205 Remove legacy functions and vars new task RoarAudio major release 1.1 medium
#229 roar_vio_write() should take a const buffer pointer new task RoarAudio major release 1.1 medium
#240 Add support for reading error message and error code from object new enhancement medium
#296 Fix stdvios access and re-enable RTLD_DEEPBIND in roardl. assigned ph3-der-loewe task RoarAudio major release 1.1 medium
#308 there should be a package for rpld on archlinux new task medium
#332 Install(Helper to install) Roar* Daemons as Service on Windows new enhancement medium
#335 Anonymous or Authenticated Access to the Code Repository new ph3-der-loewe task medium
#343 SavannahIce should be converted to use libroar's scheduler new task medium
#350 A case nees to be build new task medium
#353 type-punned pointer new defect medium
#354 Add --test to µRoarD new enhancement medium
#355 Request for new stream directions *_BIDIR new task medium
#356 New store gets created without a Queue new defect medium
#358 rpld-storemgr is unable to write to /var/lib/roarplaylistd due to permission issues new defect medium
#359 rpld clients should propagate errors when the rpld returns an error new enhancement medium
#363 Stream breaks after Pausing it new enhancement medium
#366 Removal of OpenSSL support new task RoarAudio major release 1.1 medium
#367 roard should use RANGESET command new enhancement medium
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