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Install(Helper to install) Roar* Daemons as Service on Windows

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ph3-der-loewe and I talked on IRC on a way to run the roard/rpld as Windows Service.

This would have the advantage of having them running in the Background.

They could be managed over a seperate Application/start/stop Bash scripts also they can be set to be started on System start.

Further there can be a dependency chain which forces the roard to be started before the rpld.

We agreed that there should be a tool to manage the Services and to run the daemons and also to configure them. It should be able to read from registry or config files to build a configuration/cmd line for the daemons when run as standalone/service. This could work pretty much like the LSB Init Scripts. This tool should be portable to be used by other daemons also.

This should be discussed here and also we need to find some answers:

  • Config File(like LSB default file) or Registry for config storage?
  • Logging? Event Log or Logfile?
  • Add more if needed


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comment:1 Changed 12 years ago by ph3-der-loewe

About the logging:
This only applies to the service launcher itself. Daemons are free to use whatever is configured. I would suggest to use event log by default and maybe allow to change that to logfiles.

Also this should be implement in normal libroar debugging and logging interface just as syslog is. This Will also allow all the daemons to use it with very small code changes.

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