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(edit) @3424:be95fb35f8ec   11 years phi prototyoes
(edit) @3423:5bfbb855d1de   11 years phi added stream.c
(edit) @3422:1e1481777215   11 years phi wrote some more funcs
(edit) @3421:829b4fb6d821   11 years phi added float types
(edit) @3420:a4ccb3b17562   11 years phi started with channel mapping stuff
(edit) @3419:9e791c7ba5c3   11 years phi prototypes
(edit) @3418:6affa9222ea5   11 years phi added channelmap.c
(edit) @3417:4b788d82b0dd   11 years phi implemented the rest
(edit) @3416:aeaea539f960   11 years phi implemented most of the rest
(edit) @3415:bf9a44f51723   11 years phi start with those strange formating functions
(edit) @3414:4c5cb34458dd   11 years phi a lot prototypes
(edit) @3413:2d3175392846   11 years phi added sample.c
(edit) @3412:45514e2fd112   11 years phi added basic pa_context_get_sink_info_by_name()
(edit) @3411:fe6bc2bdebc2   11 years phi added support for a virtual default sink and source
(edit) @3409:93159e6d3bac   11 years phi load oinfo from server
(edit) @3408:c2995580c30a   11 years phi added roar_pa_auinfo2sspec()
(edit) @3407:44e4037cb096   11 years phi most of the work for pa_context_get_server_info() is done, we need some …
(edit) @3406:d7f39ce0ab78   11 years phi added roar_pa_context_get_con()
(edit) @3404:208155c7da25   11 years phi a lot unfriendly prototypes
(edit) @3403:4791eefd7c50   11 years phi added introspect.c
(edit) @3402:47d22a58578e   11 years phi return dummy operations
(edit) @3400:e2e4250da752   11 years phi support pa_operations
(edit) @3399:1670d50a826c   11 years phi start of Makefile cleanup
(edit) @3398:9a6289c83904   11 years phi added operation.c
(edit) @3397:e6a0b746f3e1   11 years phi handle server == NULL case
(edit) @3396:15a6bfb3ae4a   11 years phi corrected pa_context_new_with_proplist()
(edit) @3395:061eb4697ce1   11 years phi added version.c
(edit) @3394:e9e1f877b280   11 years phi wrote memory functions
(edit) @3393:f6fd8a8a9658   11 years phi started wil xmalloc -> memory functions
(edit) @3392:842c8d8f99a9   11 years phi wrote most of the context code, should work now
(edit) @3391:b2905b861e43   11 years phi we are now mostly done, just a commit inbetween
(edit) @3390:d9db3bb263d5   11 years phi a lot code
(edit) @3389:62404943863d   11 years phi use roar_pa_find_server()
(edit) @3388:0a02c6ba7c10   11 years phi implement roar_pa_find_server(), function to search for PA server
(edit) @3386:89f9ef49c056   11 years phi use RoarAudio's MemMgr?, not system's
(edit) @3385:917010d31107   11 years phi upgrade libroarpulse/simple to vio :)
(edit) @3384:955ae12df263   11 years phi use roar_pa_sspec2auinfo()
(edit) @3383:d1e120c6cf34   11 years phi updated roar_pa_sspec2auinfo(), make API more clear
(edit) @3382:c43b380bf46a   11 years phi added new roar_pa_sspec2auinfo() which replaces roar_codec_pulse2roar()
(edit) @3099:d57ff1b67e2a   11 years phi fixed makefiles to include soname
(edit) @2826:42268f2fc8f2   11 years phi test for ROAR_FDATASYNC
(edit) @2802:ba5a00746517   11 years phi ignore *.dll and *.exe
(edit) @2579:d5c092266261   11 years phi test for type of function
(edit) @2577:fe703685c126   11 years phi typo
(edit) @2382:b47795155ee5   11 years phi updated comp libs to new
(edit) @1961:18d8b43c9b53   12 years phi updated cvsignore list by adding the execuatble
(edit) @1954:1528973b141a   12 years phi added some cvsignore files
(edit) @1734:3bb98828d2d4   12 years phi disabled -DDEBUG
(edit) @1733:b31058000869   12 years phi use $LIBS in Makefiles: add libs at end of linker options
(edit) @1608:41f671214d02   12 years phi added comments about stupid API change…
(edit) @1389:ba7d3f033dad   12 years phi don't set -fPIC on win32
(edit) @1171:02f540634383   12 years phi use fsync() if there is no fdatasync()
(edit) @730:b43149bb9cb3   12 years phi introdused $(SHARED_CF)
(edit) @726:26e7ed06ca23   12 years phi applied janus' patches for OpenBSD, fixed corruped libroaresd/Makefile
(edit) @706:6627e0732b98   12 years phi added license statements
(edit) @694:945f0cff1fea   12 years phi use $(SHARED) a bit more
(edit) @485:efebd5911d51   12 years phi added LDPATH to all Makefiles
(edit) @475:c5c9b2f8b848   12 years phi use cp -v only if cp accepts -v
(edit) @418:f60d587b5195   12 years phi update meta data only in case of stream_name set, and accept $PULSE_SERVER
(edit) @416:3c1e97685b59   12 years phi use roar_simple_new_stream_obj() not roar_simple_*() to create a new …
(edit) @414:882ca9b959e6   12 years phi added code for pa_get_binary_name
(edit) @413:7e49a3206e31   12 years phi added code for pa_path_get_filename()
(edit) @412:a12397bfbd82   12 years phi added util.c
(edit) @411:7c741bdc4752   12 years phi should write() on write... not try to read
(edit) @410:57da1c690b98   12 years phi use correct codec
(edit) @409:b0e358b145d9   12 years phi added roar_codec_pulse2roar() always returning ROAR_CODEC_DEFAULT
(edit) @406:91700c05712e   12 years phi added basic code of pa_simple_new()
(edit) @405:b5177c6480ee   12 years phi done some more things
(edit) @404:6e2026516643   12 years phi added read(), write(), fsync()
(edit) @403:7e82c0d6e78b   12 years phi PulseAudio?'s devs are ideots: type pa_simple is not defined in there -dev …
(edit) @402:95514d86cca7   12 years phi added basic function bodys for pa_simple_*
(edit) @401:ceb08fdbc80c   12 years phi added libroarpulsinfo
(edit) @399:7dcca699b016   12 years phi added Makefile for libroarpulse
(add) @398:fff95de9a2fc   12 years phi added basic libroarpulse code/header files
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