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BEGIN{}, based on data of UUGRN:RoarAudio_PlayList_Daemon

RoarAudio PlayList? Daemon is a playlist daemon: a program that manages playlists. You can create, delete and manipulate playlists and play songs from them. Combined with a RoarAudio sound server and a user interface (CLI, TUI, GUI, WUI,...) it builds a media player.

RoarAudio PlayList? Daemon is controlled via a socket from local or remote applications. It can handle any number of clients. This includes zero clients. In this case it will simply keep it's current state (stopped, playing, ...).

What does rpld actually do?

  • Management of playlists,
  • Management of queue of what should be played,
  • Playback (pushing data from files or streams to the sound server),
  • IO abstraction (Files, Streams,... This is in fact done by libroar).

What does rpld not do?

  • Decoding or encoding of audio data,
  • Signal manipulation (like volume control),
  • Render nice effect plugins.