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    2020* roard from RoarAudio Package 
    2121* rpld 
    22 * rpld-tools 
     22* rpld-tools (if not in rpld package) 
    2323* vclt-tools 
    9090* Set up the ''store''. This is where rpld saves playlists and such. 
    9191* Import some music. 
     92* Set default pointer 
    9293* Hit play button. 
    9394* Have fun. 
    155156Others may also be supported. 
     158=== Set default pointer === 
     159Before we can hit the play button we need to tell rpld what to play. 
     160In our case we most likely have only one Playlist (created and imported above) and want to stream exactly this playlist. If we hit end of playlist we want it to repeat. On a normal player you would just select the first entry in your list and press 'repeat' button. rpld does not have something like that but something better!: Pointers. 
     162The full discussion on pointers, what they are and how they work is out of scope for this document. So I will try to make it as simple as possible: rpld normally plays back it's so called ''Main Queue''. If the queue (which must be manually filled) runs out of songs it stops. To avoid this pointers got invented. Those pointers are rules how to fill the ''Main Queue'' automatically if it runs out of songs to play. Basically they point to playlist entries (songs). This is where they got there name from. 
     164There are two pointers of interest for us: the so called ''current'' and the so called ''default'' pointer. The first one points to a song in a playlist which is played when the ''Main Queue'' runs out of songs. The song is queued and the pointer is moved to the next song in list. This allows us to play a playlist from top to bottom. If it reaches the end of the list it is unset and playback stops. So, now we only need to find out how to repeat the list, right? 
     166To repeat the playlist the ''default pointer'' was invented. It's simply, as the name says, the default value for the ''current pointer''. So if the playback would normally stop the ''current pointer'' just gets set to where the ''default pointer'' points to and playback continues. 
     168So all we need to do to repeat a playlist is to set the ''default pointer'' to the first entry. 
     169If we press play the ''current pointer'' is set to the first song, the song is played back. If it reaches the end of the list it restarts as the ''current pointer'' is reset to the first song in list. 
     171Setting the pointer to the first song in list is very easy, just run: 
     173 $ rpld-setpointer default num:0 'playlistname' 
     176Here ''default'' is the name of the pointer and ''num:0'' means the first entry in the list. 
    157178=== Pressing play === 
    158179To start playback just hit the playback button in the GUI or client you use or use the following command: