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how to set up store


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    2020* roard from RoarAudio Package 
    2121* rpld 
     22* rpld-tools 
    2223* vclt-tools 
     25You should also consider to install a nice client for rpld with GUI or something. 
    2427If your operating system ships them we suggest you to use those versions and not compile your own binary. 
    8386== Setting up rpld == 
     87After you installed rpld the following steps must be done: 
     88* Set up the ''store''. This is where rpld saves playlists and such. 
     89* Import some music. 
     90* Hit play button. 
     91* Have fun. 
     93=== Setting up store on Debian === 
     94You choose the right system. Store is already set up on Debian. 
     96=== Setting up store manually and how to start rpld === 
     97To set up the store we need to create a directory accessible by the user running rpld. 
     98Normally this directory is `/var/lib/roarplaylistd/` but you can use a directory within your home directory as well. 
     100First create it. If using `/var/lib/roarplaylistd/` we may need to do this as root, if it's located under your home directory just create it with mkdir(1) or how you prefer to create your directorys. 
     101If needing to do under root we may also need to set owner back to the user running rpld like this: 
     103 mkdir /var/lib/roarplaylistd 
     104 chown YOUR_USER:YOUR_GROUP /var/lib/roarplaylistd 
     106You can get the values for ''YOUR_USER'' and ''YOUR_GROUP'' using id: 
     108 id 
     110It will list the username under ''uid'' and the group name under ''gid''. 
     112Next you need to initialize it. Do this with the following command: 
     114 rpld --no-listen --store-path /var/lib/roarplaylistd --no-restore --store 
     117=== Importing some music === 
     118=== Pressing play === 
     119=== Have fun ===