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Streaming Ogg Opus with RoarAudio PlayList Daemon (rpld) and SavannahIce

This mini Tutorial will tell you how to stream Ogg Opus with RoarAudio PlayList Daemon (later: rpld) and SavannahIce?. It does not go into details. See rpld/StreamingToIcecast for a more detailed tutorial.

Step 0: What do I need? OR: Installing software

What you need to complete this tutorial are the following software packages:

  • RoarAudio PlayList Daemon (>= 0.1.4)
  • SavannahIce?
  • vclt-tools (>= 0.1.3)

It will also work with older versions but it is more complicated to set up so this is out of scope of this document.

Step 1: Create a playlist

To do this run:

 $ dir2vclt --path-mode=absolute /path/to/opus/files/ /tmp/playlist.vclt

Replace the path with the path to your files.

Step 2: Setting up rpld

To do this we need to create a new store:

 $ rpld-storemgr --store-path ~/rpld-store/ create SavannahIce http://source:password@host:8000/mystream.ogg

The URL needs to be replaced with the data for your Icecast server.

step 3: Starting rpld

To start rpld just type:

 $ rpld-storemgr --store-path ~/rpld-store/ run --daemon --bind ~/.rpld --load-playlist /tmp/playlist.vclt vclt playlist

Step 4: Setting default pointer

The Default pointer is a rule to tell rpld what to play. We can now set it to the first entry of our playlist and rpld will play our playlist over and over again or set it to random playback.

To set it to the first entry just type:

 $ rpld-setpointer default num:0 playlist

For random playback we use:

 $ rpld-setpointer default random: playlist

Step 5: Hitting play

To start playback just use:

 $ rpld-ctl play

Restarting playback after reboot

To restart playback after reboot just use:

 $ rpld-storemgr --store-path ~/rpld-store/ run --daemon --play

Final notes

  • The file /tmp/playlist.vclt can be deleted after import: rm /tmp/playlist.vclt
  • rpld saves it's state in ~/rpld-store/. If you no longer want to use rpld just delete this directory.

Have fun

Now listen to your music and have a lot fun.