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updated list to include SavannahIce?

RoarAudio PlayList Daemon Compare to other software

As source client for Icecast

Feature rpld+roard rpld+SavannahIce? ices2 mpd
Live input Yes No Yes No
Playlist input Yes Yes Yes Yes
Dyn. input changeing Yes Yes No No
Codec converting support Yes Yes(note 0) No Yes
Resampling support Yes Yes(note 0) Yes Yes?
Need reencoding Yes No No Yes
Live playlist updates Yes Yes Yes Yes
Time controlled playback Yes Yes No No?
Full metadata support Yes Yes Yes ?
Multiple output streams Yes ? Yes Yes?
Multiple independed streams Yes Yes Yes No
note 0
Possible using codec-helper.

Playlist format support

Feature rpld ices2 mpd
rpld R/W No No
vclt R/W No No
pls W No No
m3u R/W No R/W
xspf R/W No No
plain R/W R No

If you found a error in the lists above or know any other source clients please just change it, it's a wiki...