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    4444* global notify core 
     46=== RegFN === 
     47RegFN is a API supporting registration of services provided by the plugin. It can be used as a portable way to register any kind of services. It works by registering objects. Normally such an object is a struct with callbacks used for this service. The object is index by an FN (Global type. e.g. Application), subtype (e.g. MyUserDefinedSubtype) and version (e.g. 0) as well as object size. The version and size is used to check if the object matches the current API/ABI as defined by the service user (e.g. the application). The application or any other interested part is now notified about registered and unregistered services using a callback. Beside service types defined by the Application there are also standard service types. 
     49=== Common Protocol Interface (CPI) === 
     50The Common Protocol Interface is a service as registered by RegFN. It allows a portable implementation of any network protocol. Each protocol is implemented using a set of callback functions. In case of network events they are called by the application. 
     52The following callbacks are defined: 
     53||= Callback Name =||= Description  =|| 
     54||set_proto      ||Called when new client connects using this protocol || 
     55||unset_proto    ||Called when client is disconnected from this protocol || 
     56||handle         ||Called when where are new data to be handled || 
     57||flush          ||Called when output data can be send to the client || 
     58||flushed        ||Called when all output has been flushed || 
     59||status         ||Called to get client status for flow control || 
    4661== List of Subtopics ==