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The SIGNALINFO meta data tag is used to store information about codec and other signal info in the VCLT playlist format. The following document describes the exact format for this meta data tag.

There is a alias for SIGNALINFO called AUDIOINFO. It is a subset of SIGNALINFO and MUST ONLY be used for waveform or MIDI audio.

The content of the tag is a list of parameters. The elements are separated by a single space. Each element is a key-value pair. Key and value are separated by a single colon. The value is suffixed by the unit if applicable. There is no unit prefix like 'k' for kilo. The value is stored decimal. Factional values use decimal point ('.'). Keys are all lowercase but applications MUST NOT depend on this. They HAVE TO handle keys case insensitive.

Example: 'rate:44100Hz channels:3'

Key Unit AUDIO Types Description
codec (none) Yes (all) Codec used. Must be a assigned codec.
rate Hz Yes waveform, midi, video, complex, light Number of frames per second
bits (none) Yes waveform, video, light Bits per Sample (pixel)
channels (none) Yes waveform, midi, light Number of channels
x, y, z px or m No video Image size
stereomode (none) No video Stereo mode for Video

The AUDIO column tells if the key is allowed in AUDIOINFO tag.