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RoarAudio Error Values

Error Value ID Text Corresponding errno Description
ROAR_ERROR_UNKNOWN -1 Unknown (maybe no) error
ROAR_ERROR_PERM 1 Operation not permitted
ROAR_ERROR_NOENT 2 No such file or directory
ROAR_ERROR_BUSY 4 Device or resource busy
ROAR_ERROR_CONNREFUSED 5 Connection refused
ROAR_ERROR_NOSYS 6 Function not implemented
ROAR_ERROR_NOTSUP 7 Operation not supported
ROAR_ERROR_PIPE 8 Broken pipe
ROAR_ERROR_PROTO 9 Protocol error
ROAR_ERROR_RANGE 10 Result too large/general out of range
ROAR_ERROR_MSGSIZE 11 Message too long
ROAR_ERROR_NOMEM 12 Not enough space
ROAR_ERROR_INVAL 13 Invalid argument
ROAR_ERROR_ALREADY 14 Connection already in progress
ROAR_ERROR_BADRQC 15 Invalid request code
ROAR_ERROR_DOM 16 Mathematics argument out of domain of function
ROAR_ERROR_EXIST 17 File or object exists
ROAR_ERROR_FAULT 18 Bad address
ROAR_ERROR_KEYEXPIRED 20 Key has expired
ROAR_ERROR_KEYREJECTED 21 Key was rejected by service
ROAR_ERROR_LOOP 22 Too many recursions
ROAR_ERROR_MFILE 23 Too many open files or objects
ROAR_ERROR_NAMETOOLONG 24 File or object name too long
ROAR_ERROR_NODATA 25 No message is available on the read queue
ROAR_ERROR_NODEV 26 No such device
ROAR_ERROR_NODRV 27 No such driver
ROAR_ERROR_NOSPC 38 No space left on device
ROAR_ERROR_TYPEMM 39 Type missmatch. Object of diffrent type required
ROAR_ERROR_NORSYS 40 Feature not implemented by remote end
ROAR_ERROR_NOTCONN 41 Socket or object not connected
ROAR_ERROR_PROTONOSUP 42 Protocol not supported
ROAR_ERROR_RIO 43 Remote I/O Error
ROAR_ERROR_RO 45 File or object is read only
ROAR_ERROR_TIMEDOUT 46 Connection timed out
ROAR_ERROR_AGAIN 47 Resource temporarily unavailable
ROAR_ERROR_NOISE 48 Line too noisy
ROAR_ERROR_LINKDOWN 49 Physical or logical link down