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     1= RoarAudio Main Package = 
     2The !RoarAudio Main Package (also referred to as 'roaraudio') is the oldest implementation of the protocol and the most complete one. It had it's first release on Sunday, August 31th 2008. 
     4== History == 
     5A list of the most important releases: 
     6||= Date    =||= Version =||= Support state      =||= Comment                       =|| 
     7||2008-08-31 ||0.1        ||Terminated            ||Initial release                  || 
     8||2009-02-04 ||0.2beta0   ||Terminated            ||First release of the 0.2*-series || 
     9||2009-05-21 ||0.2        ||Terminated            ||Major release 0.2                || 
     10||2010-08-22 ||0.3        ||To be terminated soon ||Major release 0.3                || 
     11||2011-11-11 ||0.4        ||Fully supported       ||Major release 0.4                || 
     13== Components == 
     14The package consists of the following components: 
     15* Client and support libraries (libroar*). 
     16* Basic clients (roarclients) 
     17* Compatibility layers 
     18* roard, the sound server 
     19* Documentation 
     20* Developer tools and information 
     22=== Client and support libraries === 
     23To make access to RoarAudio resources more easy a client library has been written doing all the protocol handling for clients (and servers developed on to of it like roard, see below). 
     25The central library is libroar. It includes the protocol handling, low level to very high and abstract interfaces (VS API). It also includes I/O abstraction for accessing files and other network resources as well as auxiliary functions like memory and buffer management. 
     27Beside this central library some more specific libraries has been developed: 
     29 libroardsp:: 
     30    This is a library with some common DSP functions like converting between data representations and simple audio filters. 
     31 libroarmidi:: 
     32    This is the support library for MIDI. 
     33 libroarlight:: 
     34    This is the support library for Light Control. 
     35 libroareio:: 
     36    This library implements some addition IO functions which are not commonly used. 
     38=== Basic clients === 
     39This component is a set of command lion tools which can be used to do basic tasks.