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updates for Audio::RPLD

Release Checklist

The following release checklist is for the RoarAudio package. It may may be used by other packages, too. (In [] additional infos may be listed for some packages)

  1. Update manpages/perldoc to match Binaries
  2. Update ckport database [!rpld !Audio::RPLD]
  3. Check versions in [!µRoarD !rpld !Audio::RPLD]
  4. Ensure everything is committed
  5. Test on all Release critical systems?
  6. Test on all other systems you have access to
  7. Update README to list test results
  8. Set release date in ChangeLog?
  9. Ensure everything is committed including last changes to ChangeLog?.
  10. Tag the release in VCS
  11. Export package from VCS
  12. Run release-helper
  13. tar everything up
  14. sign
  15. upload
  16. update download page
  17. post on IRC (+topic)
  18. post on RA/RS Announce