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Added list of protocols

Network Matrix


Package UNIX TCP DECnet
RoarAudio OK OK OK
µRoar OK OK OK
µRoarD OK OK Not yet
nrd OK note 3 note 3
aroarfw OK OK OK
RoaringBox? note 1 OK note 2
Tantalos OK OK OK
Audio::RPLD OK OK note 0


note 0
Perl currently do not have a module to access DECnet so no support is provided. As soon as DECnet support is added we will update.
note 1
Used internally.
note 2
There is currently no auto configuration so this feature is disabled.
note 3
A small code change is needed to Enable this. As this is an educational product this change may be a good exercise.


Package RoarAudio 0 RoarAudio 2 ESD PAS RSound RPlay Gopher HTTP
RoarAudio/roard Yes ? Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No
RoarAudio/libroar Yes ? No No No No Yes Yes
µRoarD? Yes No No No No No No No
nrd? Yes ? No No No No No No