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Hardware needs to be selected

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Hardware needs to be selected which will be used as board. Depending on the features of this board some more hardware components need to be selected like audio IO.


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My idea is to use the following:

  • A Raspberry Pi as central Unit,
  • A ATmega16 connected to the Pi (ISP and I²C),
  • A small breadboard on top,
  • Connectors next to the breadboard with pins for the GPIO pins of the Pi and all Pins of the ATmega16 as well as power and sockets (see below),
  • LEDs with needed resistors (accessible via breadboard connectors): Red, Yellow, Green, Red/Green?,
  • 3 Micro Switches (accessible via breadboard connectors),
  • A Sub-D9 socket connected to the Bus interfaces (SPI, I²C, (ISP), GND, (Power))
  • A Sub-D25 socket which can be connected via the breadboard to random pins + GND and Power.

There should be some Jumperwires included.


  • The ATmega16 should have a 8MHz crystal connected to it.
  • There needs to be 3 5V regulators: One for the Pi, one for the ATmega16 + externel components, one for the USB interface (so it does not need to be powered by the Pi as it is limited to 50mA (without fuses)!). All Regulators should allow min. 1A.
  • There need to be drivers for the GPIO pins of the Pi as they are on 3.3V and not 5V tolerant.
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