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An Kit for developing RoarAudio based hardware should be created (meta ticket)

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Description (last modified by ph3-der-loewe)

There should be a kit for developers to help them develop RoarAudio based hardware.
The following stuff should be possible with the board:

  • Use it as network based sound/MIDI/DMX controler.
  • Run standard RoarAudio software like libroar and roard.
  • Run specific RoarAudio software for the kit.
  • Run own software.
  • Compile on the kit so no cross compiler is needed.

The following interfaces are needed:

  • Power (best: 9V..15V DC with internal regulators, optionally powering via USB)
  • Status LED(s) (Power,...)
  • Ethernet
  • At least one stereo in and out.
  • MIDI port
  • DMX port
  • USB (host controller)
  • Standard buses (I²C, SPI, A²C, ...; exact list to be defined later)
  • GPIO (number to be defined later)
  • Maybe some used defined LEDs and switches.

The board needs to come with a secure case and high voltage parts must not be included.

The following protocols need to be supported:

  • DHCP (client)
  • DNS (client)
  • HTTP (client)
  • FTP (client)
  • SSH (server + client, scp, sftp)
  • NTP (client)
  • RoarAudio (depending on running software)
  • RPLD (depending on running software)


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#348: Hardware needs to be selectednew
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#348: Hardware needs to be selectednew

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