Changes between Initial Version and Version 2 of Ticket #296

01/06/13 19:58:30 (10 years ago)

I needed to disable the usage of RTLD_DEEPBIND as it's usage will not allow the main program to change the stdvios of any plugin (different context). This should be solved the following way:

  • Update stdvios to use double pointers and use macros to dereference them (#define roar_stdout (*roar_stdout_real))
  • Re-enable usage of RTLD_DEEPBIND.
  • Check whether this is also a an alternative workaround for win32.
  • This needs to be done at next SONAME change.

I re-assign this ticket to the next major release and tag correctly.

Current status:

  • Disabled RTLD_DEEPBIND in 1.0beta9.
  • Works (as of 1.0beta9).
  • Ticket is still open and needs to be closed with the next SONAME change.


  • Ticket #296

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    • Property Summary changed from Plugin context seperation should seperate stdvios. to Fix stdvios access and re-enable RTLD_DEEPBIND in roardl.
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  • Ticket #296 – Description

    initial v2  
    1 The plugin interfaces' context separation should allow to separate roar_stdin, roar_stdout and roar_stderr between plugins and application context. 
    2 The context should be initialized using the values from the application context. 
     1* Update stdvios interface (see comments). 
     2* Re-enable RTLD_DEEPBIND. 
     3* See comments for more infos.