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#287 new enhancement

struct roar_message needs to be re-ordered

Reported by: ph3-der-loewe Owned by:
Priority: wishlist Milestone: RoarAudio major release 1.1
Component: libroar and friends Version: current
Keywords: soname_change Cc:
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Difficulty: very easy Kernel:
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Patch attached: no Protocol: RoarAudio
Sound driver: Topic: Hardening


within struct roar_message the data[] array should be moved to the end. This will allow better detection of buffer overflows. In any case datalen must say before data[] because it will be used as reference (e.g. mes->datalen > sizeof(mes->data) and should be protected by the order. Note that the sense of 'before' isn't altered here on archs with stack grow downwards as the order of members within the structure keeps the same.


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