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#306 Deadlock between roard and FLAC playing client should be avoided ph3-der-loewe defect critical RoarAudio major release 1.0 roard
#12 Switching the Version Control System ph3-der-loewe enhancement major RoarAudio Project
#14 VCS Git enhancement major RoarAudio Project
#15 VCS Mercurial enhancement major RoarAudio Project
#61 Need to test libFLAC version and use API depending on version ph3-der-loewe defect major RoarAudio major release 0.4 roard
#107 test defect medium RoarAudio Project
#172 sound output is not directed via muroard after its restart via initscript defect medium µRoarD
#321 Play Now Malfunction(Ranging from Dummy Entrys over to the Adding of wrong(not selected entries)) defect medium Romie
#360 STORE command gives an "No error"-Error on Permission Problems defect medium RoarAudio PlayList Daemon
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