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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#78 A VLC plugin should be written themaister enhancement medium Plugins and Applications
#351 Add support for timebased playback in playlists ph3-der-loewe enhancement wishlist RoarAudio PlayList Daemon
#296 Fix stdvios access and re-enable RTLD_DEEPBIND in roardl. ph3-der-loewe task medium RoarAudio major release 1.1 libroar and friends
#76 MPlayer plugin should be re-written themaister task major RoarAudio major release 0.4 Plugins and Applications
#13 Migrate data from all TODO lists into Trac ph3-der-loewe task major Documentation
#117 Naming Ideas for windows portal stephanj task medium RoarAudio Project
#38 Need a repository for standards ph3-der-loewe defect blocker CAPS support Standards
#233 Port roard to uniraum ph3-der-loewe enhancement minor RoarAudio major release 1.0 roard
#24 Port to OpenVMS defect major Full OpenVMS port RoarAudio Main Package
#64 Screenshot or pricture should be added for every product we have listed enhancement medium New Website Website
#116 There should be a comunity/user driven portal about RoarAudio on win* stephanj enhancement major RoarAudio Project
#93 WinAmp plugin should be published stephanj defect medium Plugins and Applications
#180 Write specifications for usage of STREAM_PARA_RADIO ph3-der-loewe enhancement medium RoarAudio Protocol
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