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Ticket Summary Status Type Priority Milestone Component
#38 Need a repository for standards assigned defect blocker CAPS support Standards
#254 Naming Ideas RoarAudio Project accepted defect blocker Documentation
#252 The RoarAudio project needs a Freedom Policy accepted defect critical Documentation
#253 The RoarAudio Project needs a defined structure accepted defect critical Documentation
#8 Implement SEEK command in roard new task major SEEK support roard
#13 Migrate data from all TODO lists into Trac assigned task major Documentation
#180 Write specifications for usage of STREAM_PARA_RADIO assigned enhancement medium RoarAudio Protocol
#296 Fix stdvios access and re-enable RTLD_DEEPBIND in roardl. assigned task medium RoarAudio major release 1.1 libroar and friends
#335 Anonymous or Authenticated Access to the Code Repository new task medium Standards
#233 Port roard to uniraum assigned enhancement minor RoarAudio major release 1.0 roard
#243 Adding support for Opus new enhancement wishlist roard
#303 Crossfade support should be added accepted enhancement wishlist RoarAudio PlayList Daemon
#351 Add support for timebased playback in playlists assigned enhancement wishlist RoarAudio PlayList Daemon
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