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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#16 Writing full specs for the Class A cert new defect blocker Ready for Class A certs
#19 Define a process to get some product certified new defect blocker Ready for Class A certs
#20 Define common reqirements for all certs (all classes) new defect blocker Ready for Class A certs
#106 Need to find a working and good license for Standards new task blocker CAPS support
#254 Naming Ideas RoarAudio Project accepted ph3-der-loewe defect blocker
#252 The RoarAudio project needs a Freedom Policy accepted ph3-der-loewe defect critical
#7 Need to implement buffer VIO new task major SEEK support
#10 Add support to pass VIOs over socket (for PASSFH) new enhancement major SEEK support
#26 RoarAudio should be ported to Hurd new defect major Full Hurd port
#75 gstreamer plugin needs a lot work to get useable new task major RoarAudio major release 0.4
#50 Add support for HashTables new enhancement medium RoarAudio major release 1.1
#138 roarfilt(1) should be converted to VS API new task medium RoarAudio major release 1.1
#353 type-punned pointer new defect medium
#367 roard should use RANGESET command new enhancement medium
#303 Crossfade support should be added accepted ph3-der-loewe enhancement wishlist
#307 rpldph_ple_set_meta()/_ple_set_meta() should support updateing extra meta data new enhancement wishlist
#347 An Kit for developing RoarAudio based hardware should be created (meta ticket) new task wishlist
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