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(edit) @5826:edb28d83ca21   9 years phi killed compiler warning
(edit) @5825:3e41991f9a62   9 years phi removed yet another set of -DXXX as well as $(PKGDEFINES). Updated …
(edit) @5823:f9f70dbaa376   9 years phi updated copyright
(edit) @5624:ec1593cc8525   9 years phi Added support for RePlayGain? (RPG) control (See: #300)
(edit) @5608:584b36c566e2   9 years phi Handle super long client names well (Closes: #286)
(edit) @5586:5b82b3417705   9 years phi general cleanup for -Wextra
(edit) @5581:c00aa79358ad   9 years phi avoid false positive reply on client exec with non supported protocol or …
(edit) @5381:430b1d26e12d   10 years phi updated copyright years
(edit) @5379:2a383aaf4b1b   10 years phi * Cleanup, * Set ISIT_BUILD in roard, * Test for more alternatives for …
(edit) @5370:bc45f468737b   10 years phi use symbolic const
(edit) @5301:f3e9cd30574d   10 years phi move away from roar_buffer_add() (See: #126)
(edit) @5295:5914c84e72be   10 years phi converted message (protocol) rutunes to use roar_mm_*() (Closes: #129)
(edit) @5279:bb3ff1f2be28   10 years phi added support to hostid and license to server info struct, added support …
(edit) @5216:e16c15116d46   10 years phi moved roar_err_{build,parse}msg2() -> roar_err_{build,parse}msg(), see …
(edit) @5164:fe7f2fdf702b   10 years phi avoid a warning about numerical IP addresses
(edit) @5146:716400712348   10 years phi Moved error frame handling into proto functions (pr0)
(edit) @5065:18cdc8c3a1ab   10 years phi added roar_clock_gettime()
(edit) @5031:ebd6fe192503   10 years phi Added support for ROAR_CMD_GETTIMEOFDAY
(edit) @4949:7ebd4f3c551e   10 years phi added some debug lions
(edit) @4948:29b5b41a1ca2   10 years phi a first (not yet fully working) patch for non-stream execs (see #32)
(edit) @4923:eb6f9e17661a   10 years phi use new target syntax of ckport
(edit) @4921:d4de29f3d312   10 years phi added some ignores
(edit) @4790:c1073581d7c2   11 years phi added support for long (> sizeof( cookies, fixed memory …
(edit) @4780:814516280a3b   11 years phi avoid some warnings on win32
(edit) @4747:8ad3e80c9ded   11 years phi added small extra debug lion
(edit) @4745:1e974ec321bd   11 years phi Better auth type oder support (Closes: #6)
(edit) @4740:f3abf82e2ead   11 years phi Added support for UNMAPPED volume control (Closes: #55)
(edit) @4738:0bc3f6243414   11 years phi use switch() not if/else if/else
(edit) @4708:c9d40761088a   11 years phi updated copyright statements
(edit) @4695:0e099bec8251   11 years phi some code to use GetVersionEx?()…
(edit) @4652:bca0fa4eabf1   11 years phi added support for distri version string part
(edit) @4621:c20151c5eb6f   11 years phi test for correct set of mixer in case of forced mixer connect
(edit) @4614:3b1ab4d465e8   11 years phi Support dir parameter in OINFO command (Closes: #31)
(edit) @4552:47a0412f706d   11 years phi implemented flag toggling and flag protection
(edit) @4539:62d85b4e007e   11 years phi wrong var name
(edit) @4538:b809f0dcd86a   11 years phi implemented support for sending extended flags over the network
(edit) @4521:4277b6a0c8a1   11 years phi fixed a lot compiler warnings
(edit) @4505:5d510a0e583b   11 years phi moved stuff into external file
(edit) @4500:07a9fe743aa1   11 years phi done some basic work for stds listing
(edit) @4474:bf3206323cae   11 years phi got auth stuff basicly to work
(edit) @4472:6c6c758d2b1b   11 years phi added parsing of auth message
(edit) @4468:f8d2cccafc74   11 years phi do very basic auth stuff
(edit) @4442:2d3a1ad3edcc   11 years phi make config default string symbolic, do not use it for server_info.
(edit) @4441:f874513f7f15   11 years phi get large data support in server_info working
(edit) @4438:cd8f86bcbadc   11 years phi use vars from configure, implement support for uname
(edit) @4431:cbea30f1890d   11 years phi implemented basic SERVER_INFO with IT_SERVER
(edit) @4343:a67cbb88fbe0   11 years phi added support for wait command
(edit) @4333:d10f93a61265   11 years phi finaly added support to do a filtered stream list
(edit) @4330:dd9f4f56970f   11 years phi corrected check, also added support for ROAR_OT_MIXER and ROAR_OT_BRIDGE
(edit) @4329:4a974f9aacc3   11 years phi updated check for OT in kick command
(edit) @4298:f36b7f925311   11 years phi added support for large number of streams in LTM
(edit) @4291:7a9728ff6900   11 years phi killed 16 useless bytes
(edit) @4289:1b0960dba7e3   11 years phi typo
(edit) @4287:583fd40de829   11 years phi corrected debug lion (err->dbg)
(edit) @4283:27eefd9bc8e6   11 years phi more debug lions
(edit) @4281:dc2eb6624082   11 years phi added more debug lions, corrected net2host handling
(edit) @4280:e0527cc9d23c   11 years phi corrected another datalen problem
(edit) @4279:5456f644df26   11 years phi more debug infos, small fix in mes->datalen check
(edit) @4277:3d2c02fc7a50   11 years phi added support to read LTM data from the server
(edit) @4273:518d7eea3424   11 years phi support registering more then one stream at once
(edit) @4272:9dbff74050ba   11 years phi support to reg and unreg for LTM :))
(edit) @4255:9b554a2a3b86   11 years phi added more debuging lions
(edit) @4236:1d583a76aa06   11 years phi add more debug lions
(edit) @4235:d53eee1e3e2f   11 years phi corrrected return value
(edit) @4066:00d1808060ba   11 years phi added maybe needed casts
(edit) @3928:6e8e191af6a7   11 years phi fixed exec of ready stream bug :)
(edit) @3926:7b30ce201137   11 years phi changed a lot prototyoes
(edit) @3802:958585351e28   11 years phi converted listen socket handling mostly to VIOs
(edit) @3764:2a2b1eb426c4   11 years phi added new buffer function roar_buffer_new_data() to make common alloc case …
(edit) @3745:fbebbe3f0522   11 years phi corrected ,
(edit) @3741:9792d9a5321c   11 years phi return gpos as pos
(edit) @3737:e79803f4911d   11 years phi added clients_new_from_fh(), converted some code to use the function
(edit) @3734:f0b2605ed0a4   11 years phi close fh in case of error
(edit) @3732:4525972e9c84   11 years phi added support to pass listen sockets
(edit) @3729:9350342eaccb   11 years phi update nnode on client pass
(edit) @3723:bdae359a06c1   11 years phi no longer need to cast
(edit) @3720:8dbb17e15f1e   11 years phi get client passing to work
(edit) @3714:a290c4185eb8   11 years phi implemented simple client passing
(edit) @3696:0f43f9c2e18f   11 years phi better support for stream roles
(edit) @3672:af3bbd08fe6c   11 years phi reject filter streams of wrong type (audio_info missmatch)
(edit) @3630:89a9079f8e3f   12 years phi implemented roles, still need some support to set them
(edit) @3575:53cb52295b62   12 years phi parse beep request
(edit) @3574:2e2d6e1c4cf7   12 years phi added dummy req_on_beep()
(edit) @3561:ca67f84bd04d   12 years phi reject a scale of zero
(edit) @3542:4a10d68e4c70   12 years phi support to set channel map
(edit) @3539:1fd530767d7b   12 years phi support to read channel map from server
(edit) @3530:8ca4bb4cc5b0   12 years phi support to give scale parameter to roarctl
(edit) @3529:fba86b5b08a7   12 years phi support to read complet mixer from roard, including scale and rpg
(edit) @3517:1a3218a3fc5b   12 years phi updated license headers, FSF moved office
(edit) @3358:7f9d211148e0   12 years phi updated (C) statements
(edit) @3213:da8251c98c0a   12 years phi support to transpher mixer stream id
(edit) @2952:ce25506bc479   12 years phi support for the true meaning of ROAR_FLAG_IMMUTABLE
(edit) @2951:276f334ed927   12 years phi added support for extended flags
(edit) @2689:5f3b88f23e60   12 years phi uuupppsss, disable DEBUG on trunk
(edit) @2681:359a85bcf5e9   12 years phi added new subsystem complex
(edit) @2630:909519a92c03   12 years phi stream para include stream state
(edit) @2497:d0fe5199c988   12 years phi handle streams of dir MIDI_*, LIGHT_* and RAW_* a bit better in case …
(edit) @2402:932d9d631d98   12 years phi use consts from new header
(edit) @2250:1d6f167a7483   12 years phi test pos_rel_id on new ROAR_DIR_RAW_IN streams
(edit) @1907:3be1f0e73ed2   12 years phi try to set dir again
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