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(edit) @5427:543c052527b2   10 years phi support usage of plugin path also outside plugin containers
(edit) @5413:c4775e53e3a0   10 years phi fixes cppcheck warnings (false-positives)
(edit) @5387:ec00c0a72024   10 years phi added function to get serverinfo for library as well as libinfo command …
(edit) @5386:a3dc37deacbb   10 years phi only try to display mixer data as well as channel map if number of …
(edit) @5384:7878569294fa   10 years phi added support for beep command as well as support µs display for ping
(edit) @5383:6afe25940302   10 years phi print server standards not lib standards in allinfo
(edit) @5381:430b1d26e12d   10 years phi updated copyright years
(edit) @5380:0504bc7766aa   10 years phi Added support for stream direction RECPLAY.
(edit) @5379:2a383aaf4b1b   10 years phi * Cleanup, * Set ISIT_BUILD in roard, * Test for more alternatives for …
(edit) @5375:2b4d1e027b2d   10 years phi made some _LIBROAR_ATTR_TO_STATIC functions static
(edit) @5372:63f373fa5790   10 years phi added support for ITST "build"
(edit) @5362:1fe6471e62bc   10 years phi some fixes for --minimal
(edit) @5356:201d146ff8c6   10 years phi added roarpluginrunner to CVS ignore list
(edit) @5355:5f5b6234f9c4   10 years phi corrected --verbose mode
(edit) @5354:cb0c3e5ebf66   10 years phi made usage() static, this should result in more robust linkage in case of …
(edit) @5353:de96f27919bf   10 years phi serveral updates to roarpluginrunner and plugin API in general
(edit) @5349:494bf6d4bd53   10 years phi corrected spaces
(edit) @5347:1d76e45ebfd1   10 years phi added some support and handling code for libdeps. currently it can be …
(edit) @5346:82b51c5c7b13   10 years phi nicer and more gdb like output of arrays with similar element values
(edit) @5344:1fc66ca81759   10 years phi support lazy binding
(edit) @5341:6999cabaaf63   10 years phi added support to set args, appname and abiversion
(edit) @5336:ddc9ccf6cc61   10 years phi added a simple plugin runner and analyzor
(edit) @5328:33aebfe276ea   10 years phi added struct roar_client_server
(edit) @5300:190af1adf91c   10 years phi first commit to move away from old roar_buffer_add() to …
(edit) @5294:9b298702578a   10 years phi use roar_mm_*()
(edit) @5289:ddb3677af4d0   10 years phi use support to set mixer ID up at least one API layer
(edit) @5279:bb3ff1f2be28   10 years phi added support to hostid and license to server info struct, added support …
(edit) @5249:26fb6a2e20fc   10 years phi fixed warnings
(edit) @5238:5117fb0e7ed4   10 years phi Removed roar_stream_connect(), roar_stream_add_data(), …
(edit) @5236:0a8740e27666   10 years phi Removed roar_set_vol() and roar_server_oinfo(), as well as roar_exit().
(edit) @5226:3cb3cab29e5e   10 years phi Removed roarcat2sock as well as roar_simple_stream(), …
(edit) @5223:3326fb359ffe   10 years phi Removed roar_file_send_raw() and roarcatsendfile.
(edit) @5221:aa6530a03260   10 years phi Removed old functions from API (Closes: #186)
(edit) @5209:8f10bdede5a6   10 years phi test for libm
(edit) @5202:a6267bfa61b1   10 years phi added opmode:ms
(edit) @5187:30e52659b213   10 years phi added --hash-password
(edit) @5186:9667c5a66a36   10 years phi added code to enable endless generation without accuracy errors
(edit) @5185:9c42709e2c89   10 years phi added server type +invalid
(edit) @5180:e8efeb11e78b   10 years phi updated roarfilt
(edit) @5179:f9480d9e89e3   10 years phi make use of roar_str2*() and some other minor changes
(edit) @5178:221ce09f56b7   10 years phi corrected usage of BUFSIZE
(edit) @5176:0066db242e12   10 years phi support 32 bit mode, corrected 8 bit mode
(edit) @5172:5fb351139e17   10 years phi print more usefull error messages
(edit) @5149:b7345c9daac1   10 years phi added support to list standards the client lib supports (not yet complet)
(edit) @5144:9126d33415d7   10 years phi corrected stream ID, set it to -1 if unused.
(edit) @5139:9ea5597fdaaf   10 years phi fixed some small errors
(edit) @5109:4f9fc788fe91   10 years phi Started to use compiler attributes (Also see: #130)
(edit) @5087:f49298306e63   11 years phi print only subsecs if remote clock provides them
(edit) @5067:198ee5cdb585   11 years phi use a possible bigger float to avoid floading point errors
(edit) @5065:18cdc8c3a1ab   11 years phi added roar_clock_gettime()
(edit) @5031:ebd6fe192503   11 years phi Added support for ROAR_CMD_GETTIMEOFDAY
(edit) @5022:b2a2e896974d   11 years phi Converted most roarclients to to use VS API (See: #87)
(edit) @5021:4a052770421a   11 years phi use roar_error2str()
(edit) @5009:9222d9f53791   11 years phi use internal copy of strtok_r()
(edit) @5005:2f39a39bc5c6   11 years phi replace unsave str{cat,cpy}()
(edit) @4997:0a1398101281   11 years phi fix small theoretical resource leak
(edit) @4980:1c0e5a348779   11 years phi Corrected linkage in indrect mode (pr1) (enables to build in indirect mode …
(edit) @4948:29b5b41a1ca2   11 years phi a first (not yet fully working) patch for non-stream execs (see #32)
(edit) @4935:3d8df629279c   11 years phi corrected message text
(edit) @4933:41edaa4019b1   11 years phi added support to set a stream role
(edit) @4929:061614c260d8   11 years phi use VS API
(edit) @4928:3c94809279ed   11 years phi updated rsound support
(edit) @4927:8fa254c85099   11 years phi added a pass mode to roarvio
(edit) @4926:94f6d50ce0bf   11 years phi added ckport ignore for alarm()
(edit) @4925:ea0657842b8f   11 years phi updated API from sysio to VIO usage
(edit) @4922:a207c353cc15   11 years phi use new target syntax of ckport
(edit) @4914:8af2aedc8824   11 years phi use new roar_sleep()
(edit) @4911:d5d79a1a14db   11 years phi use new ckport's ignore-symbol command
(edit) @4910:672e7eb347a1   11 years phi removed useless comment
(edit) @4909:6f58c1773cd0   11 years phi make ckport clean
(edit) @4886:e9434774f456   11 years phi avoid error message on no-error
(edit) @4885:01d694a7fdf7   11 years phi Some cleanup of roarclients to fix ckport warnings
(edit) @4883:c56aedd9d0cb   11 years phi Added functions to access symbolic names for audio info parameters …
(edit) @4882:e6ef52e26c53   11 years phi Improved listing of audio profiles.
(edit) @4876:06a2f29d0450   11 years phi some updates to handle error values better with DSTR
(edit) @4844:47f0daf6b214   11 years phi Fixed time display of roarvorbis if file has unknown playback length
(edit) @4837:aa6415bd9ffc   11 years phi a bit better help
(edit) @4836:684486ae8f9f   11 years phi add --explain
(edit) @4835:002e0a1371ed   11 years phi support reading and writing to a file via VIO
(edit) @4834:a69d879c9d88   11 years phi added dummy for roarvio
(edit) @4833:8eade589e70d   11 years phi re-ordered some of the TARGET_* lists
(edit) @4818:3bee704d266e   11 years phi Added commands clientinfo and streaminfo to roarctl.
(edit) @4817:c7ab5745fcb9   11 years phi added --record
(edit) @4757:0e96e320f0b9   11 years phi warn if password is default password ('hackme')
(edit) @4756:bc0883202f16   11 years phi Added support to roarshout to read password form user or file (Closes: …
(edit) @4754:177fec6e1c4e   11 years phi Added time display to roarvorbis (Closes: #102)
(edit) @4748:d7be1c18ccb5   11 years phi updated configure script to honor LDFLAGS and added --opti to set …
(edit) @4740:f3abf82e2ead   11 years phi Added support for UNMAPPED volume control (Closes: #55)
(edit) @4725:23ef456b4382   11 years phi supress extra newlion on --version without other parameters
(edit) @4708:c9d40761088a   11 years phi updated copyright statements
(edit) @4664:fd2cbe7b3893   11 years phi added support for automatic codec detection in case _MIMETYPE is supported
(edit) @4659:3bbce4638653   11 years phi use VS API for roarvorbis
(edit) @4656:5a99c25bbb0d   11 years phi do no longer use wget for HTTP streams, first part of a set of patches.
(edit) @4650:6fbaef319bf6   11 years phi corrected version display
(edit) @4614:3b1ab4d465e8   11 years phi Support dir parameter in OINFO command (Closes: #31)
(edit) @4603:566ba8970c08   11 years phi print mime-type in addition to codec name
(edit) @4602:2098c7acb874   11 years phi Use libroar's MIME Type lookup functions (Closes: #56)
(edit) @4593:6b7fd392f61b   11 years phi added roarclientpass to ignore list
(edit) @4591:4c47450606c9   11 years phi added unit
(edit) @4552:47a0412f706d   11 years phi implemented flag toggling and flag protection
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