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(edit) @5546:faff3e9677c4   10 years phi Started DTMF library
(edit) @5516:9dd8fd9b3c2d   10 years phi link libdl as we directly use symbols of it
(edit) @5491:53b8285da656   10 years phi correctly build roarpluginapplication
(edit) @5484:3ca4488d44e1   10 years phi Added support for an application mode in roarpluginrunner
(edit) @5413:c4775e53e3a0   11 years phi fixes cppcheck warnings (false-positives)
(edit) @5336:ddc9ccf6cc61   11 years phi added a simple plugin runner and analyzor
(edit) @5238:5117fb0e7ed4   11 years phi Removed roar_stream_connect(), roar_stream_add_data(), …
(edit) @5226:3cb3cab29e5e   11 years phi Removed roarcat2sock as well as roar_simple_stream(), …
(edit) @5223:3326fb359ffe   11 years phi Removed roar_file_send_raw() and roarcatsendfile.
(edit) @5109:4f9fc788fe91   11 years phi Started to use compiler attributes (Also see: #130)
(edit) @4980:1c0e5a348779   11 years phi Corrected linkage in indrect mode (pr1) (enables to build in indirect mode …
(edit) @4834:a69d879c9d88   11 years phi added dummy for roarvio
(edit) @4833:8eade589e70d   11 years phi re-ordered some of the TARGET_* lists
(edit) @4748:d7be1c18ccb5   12 years phi updated configure script to honor LDFLAGS and added --opti to set …
(edit) @4223:32d9b0b9ac4b   12 years phi corrected version
(edit) @4060:1e8dfc6257bf   12 years phi added tool roarclientpass
(edit) @3929:4663575733dd   12 years phi implemneted rsoudn support
(edit) @3830:86a7f4cc4b70   12 years phi link roar-config without -lroar
(edit) @3827:5a90a98ee706   12 years phi added support to output as PC file
(edit) @3752:0e8d130d03a0   12 years phi test if compiler supports -Wextra
(edit) @3669:93a98c7f08f3   12 years phi added support for OSS to roarinterconnect :)
(edit) @3641:6c894ae04329   12 years phi use -Wextra
(edit) @3539:1fd530767d7b   13 years phi support to read channel map from server
(edit) @3343:b3d4fc313dc6   13 years phi added roardtmf
(edit) @3196:bb7300c71dda   13 years phi load libs of correct version
(edit) @3191:9f94b54b1e27   13 years phi also delete roarify
(edit) @3024:df2a82f5057f   13 years phi support for lowpasses as input filters
(edit) @2961:c92e7484750d   13 years phi corrected list ob linked libs
(edit) @2916:3df957c2297b   13 years phi added support dB scale to roarctl
(edit) @2845:411d444a473c   13 years phi PREFIX_COMP -> PREFIX_COMP_LIBS, added PREFIX_COMP_BINS
(edit) @2844:69fbff272562   13 years phi split $(TARGETS) in multible $(TARGETS_*)s
(edit) @2384:07a24148542c   13 years phi updated Makefile to use :)
(edit) @2378:fffdfcfbf11b   13 years phi added support for --load and load libroar via PRELOAD
(edit) @2282:78f8feed27a9   13 years phi moved client drivers into libroareio
(edit) @2281:50e91573f912   13 years phi link libroareio into roarphone
(edit) @2227:802529aa529d   13 years phi added theoretical esd support
(edit) @2216:c66d36803466   13 years phi added roarinterconnect to Makefile
(edit) @2169:6fafb169e3a2   13 years phi moved transcode.[ch] from roarclicnts to libroardsp
(edit) @2168:d8097d532def   13 years phi added transcode.[ch]
(edit) @2164:3f101805821b   13 years phi added simple roarinterconnect
(edit) @2141:ae202c734bd4   13 years phi added old style speex AEC support
(edit) @2131:402d579b1ddb   13 years phi added cdriver oss
(edit) @2124:813ab24c3465   13 years phi added a derivart of roarbidir as roarphone
(edit) @2046:173ee399825b   13 years phi added a start for a light control tool
(edit) @1777:e7a9669095f5   13 years phi use linker command in $L
(edit) @1776:5325b5f84a8d   13 years phi added linker command, need to check if this works for non gnu makes, too.
(edit) @1755:f6fcc83859d0   13 years phi added client network libs
(edit) @1736:a639c278e59a   13 years phi use $*LIBS
(edit) @1645:4abcd756aea9   13 years phi test for libogg
(edit) @1619:b9221bf21268   13 years phi added roarify
(edit) @1367:768517566a44   13 years phi moved convert.c from libroar to libroardsp
(edit) @1304:4c024e764410   13 years phi added pipe impl. working for sockets at least and a simple test prog
(edit) @1279:78fcd1e45007   13 years phi added roarcatvio: vio based roarcat
(edit) @1270:a5bc9395a2a8   13 years phi added pgptest{,.c}
(edit) @1259:4240fda8ae24   13 years phi added zcat test prog
(edit) @1236:240a52b850a9   13 years phi added non-install programm pinentrytest
(edit) @1102:06c1ee7b2f05   14 years phi only link libm if we have it!
(edit) @1016:aecfb9bcf17d   14 years phi added roarmonhttp, a tool to stream via HTTP as CGI, started with a simple …
(edit) @954:5eada8754daf   14 years phi deleted unused vars
(edit) @826:bab1cca7d75f   14 years phi added experimental support for bidirectional streams
(edit) @800:7d400de1c704   14 years phi added roarradio, a HTTP-ATTACH client
(edit) @760:f9aacf70ea44   14 years phi added roarcatpassfh
(edit) @726:26e7ed06ca23   14 years phi applied janus' patches for OpenBSD, fixed corruped libroaresd/Makefile
(edit) @655:1840c381edcc   14 years phi link roard and roarfilt with -lroardsp
(edit) @599:383c9508e3f4   14 years phi added roarshout
(edit) @554:7996c18e7526   14 years phi removed CELT_PREFIX and added INCPATH
(edit) @510:672fda911376   14 years phi added roarsocktypes, a tool to test all supported AF_*s
(edit) @485:efebd5911d51   14 years phi added LDPATH to all Makefiles
(edit) @481:6714ed07966f   14 years phi only link vorbisfile into roarvorbis if we habe libvorbisfile roaraudio_0_1_testing4_wesen
(edit) @476:43e105469198   14 years phi use cp -v only if cp accepts -v
(edit) @475:c5c9b2f8b848   14 years phi use cp -v only if cp accepts -v
(edit) @384:d7779cf629a4   14 years phi added a simple test for roar_conv_poly4_16
(edit) @351:d709cd242143   14 years phi added CELT Paths to roarclients for roartypes
(edit) @297:617894082304   14 years phi added roarvumeter
(edit) @296:2267988ec80f   14 years phi added roarcatplay
(edit) @295:eb01af740171   14 years phi another roarcat close... roarcatsendfile
(edit) @294:2977cfb7e4ef   14 years phi added roarsin
(edit) @293:ef0878ca994b   14 years phi added roar-config
(edit) @130:1d082afbec7e   14 years phi added some more options
(edit) @126:59caa827aacc   14 years phi added roarfilt, sill useless
(edit) @111:5b7ab8a1fe51   14 years phi added roarvorbis.c
(edit) @83:a8aab70b122f   14 years phi added roarcat2sock
(edit) @47:ff404ae5d6e0   14 years phi added roartypes.c
(edit) @4:c53dd76646d3   14 years phi added roarsockconnect - simple connection tool like netcat but not real …
(add) @0:2a41d2f42394   14 years phi Initial revision
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