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(edit) @5381:430b1d26e12d   12 years phi updated copyright years
(edit) @5289:ddb3677af4d0   12 years phi use support to set mixer ID up at least one API layer
(edit) @5270:e25346c13638   12 years phi fixed some gcc -Wextra warnings
(edit) @5247:7736d313ea19   12 years phi fixed some warnings
(edit) @5238:5117fb0e7ed4   12 years phi Removed roar_stream_connect(), roar_stream_add_data(), …
(edit) @5221:aa6530a03260   12 years phi Removed old functions from API (Closes: #186)
(edit) @5035:6dd0a996bcff   12 years phi remove usage of roar_errno
(edit) @4748:d7be1c18ccb5   13 years phi updated configure script to honor LDFLAGS and added --opti to set …
(edit) @4708:c9d40761088a   13 years phi updated copyright statements
(edit) @4559:4660942db9dc   13 years phi correct usage of COMMON_SOVERSION
(edit) @4048:67e307470da3   13 years phi use roar_terminate() not roar_exit()
(edit) @4037:d36b139145df   13 years phi corrected (c)
(edit) @3832:25e79a40b829   13 years phi use NULL, roar_mm_*()
(edit) @3813:9a1ebd9f3025   13 years phi fixed some copyright statements
(edit) @3517:1a3218a3fc5b   14 years phi updated license headers, FSF moved office
(edit) @3099:d57ff1b67e2a   14 years phi fixed makefiles to include soname
(edit) @2802:ba5a00746517   14 years phi ignore *.dll and *.exe
(edit) @2382:b47795155ee5   14 years phi updated comp libs to new
(edit) @1954:1528973b141a   14 years phi added some cvsignore files
(edit) @1733:b31058000869   14 years phi use $LIBS in Makefiles: add libs at end of linker options
(edit) @1660:99bfd21f00ef   14 years phi changed name of fh in con struct to fh, this should all apps requiring …
(edit) @1389:ba7d3f033dad   15 years phi don't set -fPIC on win32
(edit) @819:dbc032ac4849   15 years phi use libroar's API
(edit) @806:01208d682d8e   15 years phi done some code for CD playback, the interface to the server is still …
(edit) @799:ff4c12152444   15 years phi got away with the bad noop-ping stuff by testing for roar_errno in …
(edit) @795:3820239da022   15 years phi added a YGetNextEvent() wich handels basic things
(edit) @794:2aac58294f99   15 years phi save the last started stream
(edit) @793:c46870b05938   15 years phi added events.c
(edit) @792:35987a57e1af   15 years phi implemented a basic YGetSoundObjectAttributes()
(edit) @791:4f43a30ddd81   15 years phi added file.c
(edit) @790:00e2da6f9a65   15 years phi added code for YStartPlaySoundObject(), maybe it will work
(edit) @789:be475a216811   15 years phi added stub.c
(edit) @788:468ffb4ab102   15 years phi free the connection object after shutdown
(edit) @787:a69f7ee33a38   15 years phi check for the server to not be NULL before use strcmp()
(edit) @730:b43149bb9cb3   15 years phi introdused $(SHARED_CF)
(edit) @726:26e7ed06ca23   15 years phi applied janus' patches for OpenBSD, fixed corruped libroaresd/Makefile
(edit) @694:945f0cff1fea   15 years phi use $(SHARED) a bit more
(edit) @688:60db5a500947   15 years phi added copyright statements
(edit) @485:efebd5911d51   15 years phi added LDPATH to all Makefiles
(edit) @475:c5c9b2f8b848   15 years phi use cp -v only if cp accepts -v
(edit) @343:77ddfb3ce6de   15 years phi added playback.c, ctl.c and audiocd.c
(edit) @342:30e5d08c39fd   15 years phi done some basic coding for connecting and disconnecting
(edit) @339:af03949cb5eb   15 years phi done some basic code
(edit) @338:c4e196f75a76   15 years phi added connection.o
(edit) @337:1bfcf543edb3   15 years phi added libroaryiff.c
(add) @335:b278b5ab2048   15 years phi added libroaryiff - Y Sound Server Library emulation
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