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(edit) @5388:e5cc8e03a3e1   10 years phi Added support for refcount based VIOs as well as dynamically allocated …
(edit) @5381:430b1d26e12d   10 years phi updated copyright years
(edit) @5380:0504bc7766aa   10 years phi Added support for stream direction RECPLAY.
(edit) @5289:ddb3677af4d0   10 years phi use support to set mixer ID up at least one API layer
(edit) @5270:e25346c13638   10 years phi fixed some gcc -Wextra warnings
(edit) @5250:5d4337efe4d7   10 years phi fixed warnings
(edit) @5242:97239101cee9   10 years phi some roard compiler warnings cleanup
(edit) @4890:de0302197762   11 years phi undo stupid change, maybe I should read my own warnings…
(edit) @4889:579befd93a5f   11 years phi ignore internal calls
(edit) @4748:d7be1c18ccb5   11 years phi updated configure script to honor LDFLAGS and added --opti to set …
(edit) @4708:c9d40761088a   11 years phi updated copyright statements
(edit) @4604:00c316cc785d   11 years phi support NULL as default (with internal list) driver selection for cdrivers
(edit) @4006:b5b7f0b40322   12 years phi use roar_mm_strdup()
(edit) @3853:b0150a5af2c7   12 years phi use new support for ROAR_VIO_CTL_SYSIO_IOCTL
(edit) @3851:a8c828f5b759   12 years phi added roar cdriver
(edit) @3811:49db840fb4f4   12 years phi fixed some copyright statements
(edit) @3629:94d301064a3a   12 years phi start to support diffrent SONAME versions for the libs, not yet supported …
(edit) @3517:1a3218a3fc5b   12 years phi updated license headers, FSF moved office
(edit) @3381:b883692000fa   12 years phi a lot code, does not work at all, but is on the best way
(edit) @3377:17f1c968a81c   12 years phi added httpd.[ch]
(edit) @3268:56a8d2d3dbb7   12 years phi updated some sonames
(edit) @3205:eade78a7d3fc   12 years phi added all but read support for ssdp
(edit) @3204:eb2a4a2d28c5   12 years phi added some files for ff_ssdp support
(edit) @3098:d2712c3e3e42   12 years phi set soname in most libs
(edit) @2802:ba5a00746517   12 years phi ignore *.dll and *.exe
(edit) @2569:6997f3702901   12 years phi try out some settings for the sound card blocking, not a good way of doing …
(edit) @2381:4d9b6f1e72d4   12 years phi updated core libs and roard to use new
(edit) @2377:fe50d0673e08   12 years phi currently we do not handle additioal deps
(edit) @2376:2dcb1a8cc8ca   12 years phi continue building in any case…
(edit) @2362:4db2ea920131   12 years phi added esdfw files to ignore file
(edit) @2349:a7ae5faa8058   12 years phi a bit of fuzzy matching
(edit) @2348:e93a2bb2082d   12 years phi add esdfw detected drivers
(edit) @2347:9bc831b75754   12 years phi also clean esdfw.a
(edit) @2346:c996e7ec8511   12 years phi added tests for ESDFW
(edit) @2301:a3f4186896b3   12 years phi debug lion and missing break
(edit) @2282:78f8feed27a9   12 years phi moved client drivers into libroareio
(edit) @2276:78aab80c4241   12 years phi started libroareio - Extended IO lib for RoarAudio
(edit) @2219:24f974256d95   12 years phi only include OSS driver if we have OSS support
(edit) @2217:903e0d660b29   12 years phi in case we do not know a OSS default device
(edit) @2138:1d4bfcfab077   12 years phi unknown codec: error case
(edit) @2137:12530d8b2c44   12 years phi ha, found the bug and fixed it: use break in switch(){} ;)
(edit) @2136:c006842c5d5b   12 years phi select open flags depending on dir parameter
(edit) @2135:ec80365dd7ef   12 years phi added Debug lions
(edit) @2133:ee99577b694c   12 years phi search, not just get the first result
(edit) @2132:bc44d4901e33   12 years phi wrote OSS driver, need to test…
(edit) @2131:402d579b1ddb   12 years phi added cdriver oss
(edit) @2130:bf77b4782d41   12 years phi added a simple null driver
(edit) @2123:3b76214d6b28   12 years phi added basic code to search for a driver
(add) @2122:6a3c53b5742f   12 years phi added driver.c
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