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(edit) @5320:d583f3008d43   10 years phi support usage counter and started to implement roar_plugincontainer_load()
(edit) @5317:6b1045321fd6   10 years phi updated plugin infrastructre
(edit) @5316:cce4c21fbe22   10 years phi corrected copyright year
(edit) @5315:a125509a6c22   10 years phi corrected error code
(edit) @5313:fe152a3ff8a0   10 years phi another set of small improvements
(edit) @5312:27ec111dc8c5   10 years phi added support for seperate contextes for roardl/plugins. Currently incudes …
(edit) @5311:778a3e7b2b66   10 years phi added roar_notify_core_swap_global() wich can be used to create diffrent …
(edit) @5300:190af1adf91c   10 years phi first commit to move away from old roar_buffer_add() to …
(edit) @5299:5fbc169961b9   10 years phi changed prototype of roar_buffer_moveinto() to avoid use-after-free bugs
(edit) @5298:a0d70da17a74   10 years phi converted roar_buffer_next() to a function, added roar_buffer_moveinto() …
(edit) @5297:9dc3f254b670   10 years phi removed roar_buffer_clear_next() (See: #130)
(edit) @5296:b7fd2c45243e   10 years phi Updated connection object. (Closes: #188)
(edit) @5295:5914c84e72be   10 years phi converted message (protocol) rutunes to use roar_mm_*() (Closes: #129)
(edit) @5289:ddb3677af4d0   10 years phi use support to set mixer ID up at least one API layer
(edit) @5286:6f2199830f0d   10 years phi make use of h_errno if h_errno was found
(edit) @5284:3fcf039ca02c   10 years phi ported hash API to < 32 bit archs
(edit) @5282:efca34f07bfc   10 years phi some ports to AVR and 8 and 16 bit archs
(edit) @5279:bb3ff1f2be28   10 years phi added support to hostid and license to server info struct, added support …
(edit) @5278:b3e0dd3f3141   10 years phi last parts of merging _nonblock into _ctl and fixed sizeof(cmd) of _ctls
(edit) @5276:0eb24ca6810e   10 years phi merged VIO's _nonblock() into _ctl() (Closes: #135)
(edit) @5275:811818eb5b81   10 years phi Improved plugin loader a lot (Closes: #190)
(edit) @5272:b59eb85a05f9   11 years phi let roarstack default to roar_mm_free() not system's free() (Closes: #128)
(edit) @5271:09aa484b25f4   11 years phi added const to return type of roar_cdromdevice() (Closes: #185)
(edit) @5270:e25346c13638   11 years phi fixed some gcc -Wextra warnings
(edit) @5267:b48fff0bf120   11 years phi experimental support to connect to roard via PTYs
(edit) @5262:770d0aaae8de   11 years phi use RE-VIO if possible
(edit) @5261:7c8b163b4171   11 years phi spaceing
(edit) @5260:03340eac5983   11 years phi added some const keywords ;)
(edit) @5257:27194d561c16   11 years phi fixed most warnings in roard
(edit) @5254:4b808f2c219c   11 years phi added some more consts to DSTR and corrected proto VIO
(edit) @5253:a9d4cba9e8dc   11 years phi improved situation on opening files with DSTR/old roar_vio_open_file()
(edit) @5252:3d4be139f30e   11 years phi removed roar_err_is_errno_clean()
(edit) @5251:9002ab4e6a86   11 years phi improved roar_err_store() and roar_err_restore()
(edit) @5248:0133acb5ae31   11 years phi removed most roar_socket_new_*()
(edit) @5242:97239101cee9   11 years phi some roard compiler warnings cleanup
(edit) @5241:766eead707a5   11 years phi some small updates for the CDRom API
(edit) @5240:db409850667a   11 years phi Removed roar_debug_audio_info_print().
(edit) @5239:eb474b0b1805   11 years phi Removed roar_vs_latency().
(edit) @5238:5117fb0e7ed4   11 years phi Removed roar_stream_connect(), roar_stream_add_data(), …
(edit) @5237:9dad2e237a34   11 years phi Removed roar_connect_raw() and roar_connect().
(edit) @5236:0a8740e27666   11 years phi Removed roar_set_vol() and roar_server_oinfo(), as well as roar_exit().
(edit) @5232:fbb11f4f080a   11 years phi better init
(edit) @5231:8b30ddb689b8   11 years phi first updates to connection object
(edit) @5229:d7e314825b8a   11 years phi corrected coding style
(edit) @5228:5d150aacecb1   11 years phi removed roar_debug_message_print()
(edit) @5227:beb26bba0901   11 years phi added const keywords to roar_vio_open_dstr(), roar_vio_open_dstr_vio(), …
(edit) @5226:3cb3cab29e5e   11 years phi Removed roarcat2sock as well as roar_simple_stream(), …
(edit) @5225:2cedb218a048   11 years phi added const keywords to roar_simple_play_file()
(edit) @5224:0110eb2c5e00   11 years phi added const keywords to roar_file_codecdetect()
(edit) @5223:3326fb359ffe   11 years phi Removed roar_file_send_raw() and roarcatsendfile.
(edit) @5222:539af2614ec9   11 years phi removed roar_file_map() and roar_file_unmap()
(edit) @5221:aa6530a03260   11 years phi Removed old functions from API (Closes: #186)
(edit) @5220:df802906cfec   11 years phi do not ignore errors at the moment
(edit) @5216:e16c15116d46   11 years phi moved roar_err_{build,parse}msg2() -> roar_err_{build,parse}msg(), see …
(edit) @5215:f812d640fc39   11 years phi removed roar_errno
(edit) @5210:8eb738dee9d4   11 years phi Updated ports to minimal, win32 and avr (pr2)
(edit) @5203:b00e1ccc6f2b   11 years phi some EAI_* are removed on FreeBSD
(edit) @5202:a6267bfa61b1   11 years phi added opmode:ms
(edit) @5201:4427d3c7382f   11 years phi fixed endless recursion in config loader
(edit) @5199:5fd5619f05e0   11 years phi added an extre debugging lion
(edit) @5198:4381d5d990a1   11 years phi return EFAULT not EINVAL on vss == NULL
(edit) @5189:d2b96cf45a19   11 years phi added some more protocol IDs
(edit) @5188:15479bc3b330   11 years phi updated error handling
(edit) @5185:9c42709e2c89   11 years phi added server type +invalid
(edit) @5184:ad300180eb6f   11 years phi updated error handling
(edit) @5183:41993c72f4d3   11 years phi added opmode option
(edit) @5180:e8efeb11e78b   11 years phi updated roarfilt
(edit) @5163:22c49b4be8cd   11 years phi fix for linux 3.0.*'s select()
(edit) @5158:ea46bb599ce7   11 years phi (re-)try password if there is no guest access.
(edit) @5151:2f26230719b5   11 years phi use fresh error context for each notify callback.
(edit) @5150:3c2925abe3ed   11 years phi added code to save error state, marked roar_err_is_errno_clean() as …
(edit) @5149:b7345c9daac1   11 years phi added support to list standards the client lib supports (not yet complet)
(edit) @5148:73d76a74be61   11 years phi improved error handling some more, marked some stuff as obsolete
(edit) @5147:6493378fc025   11 years phi typo
(edit) @5146:716400712348   11 years phi Moved error frame handling into proto functions (pr0)
(edit) @5145:c1a3ca765154   11 years phi * Fixed invalid pointer aliasing in filter code (pr0) * Fixed …
(edit) @5144:9126d33415d7   11 years phi corrected stream ID, set it to -1 if unused.
(edit) @5138:0b15d51b5f92   11 years phi supress non-hostnames warnings in serveral internale cases of socket …
(edit) @5137:d2aa7e38d3b2   11 years phi added some debugging lions
(edit) @5132:1c10be48298e   11 years phi Fixed invalid pointer aliasing (Closes: #178)
(edit) @5131:57cb309489a3   11 years phi Fixed segfaul in FLAC cf (Closes: #177)
(edit) @5121:1a1d9d8e0bce   11 years phi added const keyword to return type of roar_socket_get_local_nodename()
(edit) @5120:f6832cb5c2ea   11 years phi fixed address parsing error
(edit) @5119:66203ccc8f12   11 years phi moved code from roar_vs_latency() into roar_vs_latency2()
(edit) @5118:2b5777714b0d   11 years phi fixed some warnings
(edit) @5116:ec18cb54f717   11 years phi rewrote roar_vio_simple_stream() to not use any deprecated functions
(edit) @5115:3f841b146bef   11 years phi moved VIO stream functions out of the vio.c file
(edit) @5114:82426e175a9d   11 years phi added extra const keywords for server names as well as client names
(edit) @5113:1bf3bca6cb51   11 years phi added roar_socket_set_tos()
(edit) @5112:034315dcf9d4   11 years phi added some const keywords
(edit) @5111:090c5c2831a7   11 years phi fixed some compiler warnings
(edit) @5110:1a60f34b8a9f   11 years phi fixed some warnings
(edit) @5109:4f9fc788fe91   11 years phi Started to use compiler attributes (Also see: #130)
(edit) @5098:49d6eb21d70e   11 years phi warn about numerical hostnames for IP
(edit) @5097:9d74ce71fcdd   11 years phi text corrections
(edit) @5095:f6a73c5a779a   11 years phi typos
(edit) @5094:5750aa4497a7   11 years phi added 29 new error codes
(edit) @5088:eb14fce06df5   11 years phi relex type for fopencookie(), maybe helps on cygwin
(edit) @5078:2fffe0b6322c   11 years phi added auto mode
(edit) @5077:0e1299f6d344   11 years phi support backends for ASYNC mode
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