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(edit) @5554:974f701cf7b5   11 years phi support to convert EAI_* error codes (Closes: #255)
(edit) @5544:16ca0566b0e9   11 years phi Improved error handling (including on win32) (Closes: #235)
(edit) @5542:3b91d8c359b5   11 years phi added a profile for ogg-vorbis
(edit) @5541:4bc109656e55   11 years phi removed Opus AI profile, see #243
(edit) @5540:2fd95aa93c27   11 years phi moved roar_errno2() into roar_errno2_impl (macro) to make other functions …
(edit) @5535:051e141134da   11 years phi added roar_stream_new_by_info() as well as done some related cleanup
(edit) @5530:9aa578adc5bd   11 years phi strengthened hash support against memory analyzing attacks
(edit) @5529:d86f148f08b2   11 years phi Implemented SHA1 support (Closes: #232)
(edit) @5528:a261c7a7614e   11 years phi typo
(edit) @5527:4d22e732b1c9   11 years phi fixed some compiler warnings on win*
(edit) @5526:390d69183bea   11 years phi Try use-execed workaround also on UNIX Domain Sockets (Closes: #207)
(edit) @5525:44f9ebf504c0   11 years phi work around buggy getsockname() and getpeername() implementations. Why do …
(edit) @5517:287ced72ce95   11 years phi Fixed detection of dynamic loader on *BSD.
(edit) @5514:c35fedd1cdf7   11 years phi allow fn to be -1
(edit) @5512:71b49441933f   11 years phi avoid the need for linking plugins against libroar
(edit) @5511:e2207bedaf0e   11 years phi Added a way to register plugin parts with a universal API (Closes: #245)
(edit) @5506:ba21f426f299   11 years phi Improved random number generator
(edit) @5505:a39728598a5f   11 years phi Added simple UUID interface (Closes: #230)
(edit) @5504:ff89becc47ab   11 years phi Added support for AutoAppSched? to the plugin container.
(edit) @5503:15152f742401   11 years phi disallow running appsched's _init() and _free() multiple or other members …
(edit) @5502:c62b19461dc4   11 years phi do not use ftell() on win32 as it is broken
(edit) @5488:cd3f4f76a154   11 years phi Improved plugincontainer (pr1).
(edit) @5487:882b4283f8d7   11 years phi support getting plugin by name
(edit) @5482:ba865ae62928   11 years phi support quoted strings
(edit) @5481:603d51e78e41   11 years phi Added support to load plugins on win32 (pr0).
(edit) @5480:045af2045a6d   11 years phi corrected win32 fix for stdvios
(edit) @5479:a6348edc217a   11 years phi Work around bugs in win32 while using stdvios (pr0).
(edit) @5471:fb8f0a2d1558   11 years phi added support for +default
(edit) @5470:a67fd926e963   11 years phi support new flag ROAR_VIO_SELECT_NO_RETEST
(edit) @5468:8362cf6b111b   11 years phi do not allow a seq num of zero
(edit) @5467:30f989510eb4   11 years phi make use of seq-numbers in v2 messages
(edit) @5466:201ac6bd51ee   11 years phi accept symbolic names in force-* options
(edit) @5465:d5e7bc292531   11 years phi no longer use fixed protocol version (_ROAR_MESSAGE_VERSION=0). protocol …
(edit) @5463:f11febcac1de   11 years phi corrected handling of pos in v2 messages
(edit) @5462:4aa873706b47   11 years phi added new protocols
(edit) @5460:2ab6c7d3b777   11 years phi support at least some error codes from HTTP
(edit) @5459:478ff8791cb5   11 years phi added new error code ROAR_ERROR_BADLICENSE
(edit) @5449:c4827557d495   12 years phi implemented tic-tac-toe as roard proto plugin.
(edit) @5446:fbfbd1d113de   12 years phi handle AppSched? on non-ra_inited handles
(edit) @5445:f1d77dd844be   12 years phi typo
(edit) @5443:b57e144b3ddf   12 years phi Added key based store (Closes: #199)
(edit) @5441:258e31e8cf4c   12 years phi enable usage of AppSched? WAIT with container
(edit) @5438:4eb05969f66c   12 years phi fix code so refcount is correct and avoid double free
(edit) @5436:a29ea4926470   12 years phi allows the use of costume para parameters
(edit) @5432:956f6af25715   12 years phi support post ra_initing of plugins loaded by …
(edit) @5431:4cd68e4f7a78   12 years phi protect against double ra_init
(edit) @5430:70a234a359df   12 years phi fix loading of plugins with full path name
(edit) @5429:f180386475c4   12 years phi support to unload plugins from plugin container
(edit) @5428:e6f63ff541b0   12 years phi fix support to connect to a pty
(edit) @5427:543c052527b2   12 years phi support usage of plugin path also outside plugin containers
(edit) @5425:2c3f247e8f9a   12 years phi use SHARED_SUFFIX from configure script, not hardcoded list
(edit) @5423:ecb64035ba72   12 years phi added support to load plugins from search path
(edit) @5419:655954f5b684   12 years phi fixed some compiler warnings
(edit) @5414:2b852fd3712c   12 years phi Typos (Closes: #192) (pr2)
(edit) @5413:c4775e53e3a0   12 years phi fixes cppcheck warnings (false-positives)
(edit) @5409:2ee4bc8cec36   12 years phi fixed small memory leak in roar_simple_play_file()
(edit) @5408:c6d31c2e4a51   12 years phi re-ported to f* s* bla win32 !*!*Dd*S!, I hate this.
(edit) @5407:edd703e264d0   12 years phi made winsock work again…
(edit) @5406:3a3e9d18f561   12 years phi Ported to Win32 (again...) (pr1)
(edit) @5405:fde2fba7bb70   12 years phi ROAR_WARN() -> ROAR_DBG()
(edit) @5396:e2e5f307ef8b   12 years phi better support for ROAR_VIOF_NONBLOCK
(edit) @5394:1f0a03abed0b   12 years phi fixed usage of uninited bytes in syscall (which are ignored by the kernel …
(edit) @5393:f50243718494   12 years phi avoid compiler warnings about unused vars
(edit) @5392:cb1666507792   12 years phi only open sockets if we have BSD socket interface
(edit) @5391:7847fd46ebbf   12 years phi only accept() if we have accept()
(edit) @5390:95fe0821d953   12 years phi only fork() if we have fork()
(edit) @5389:8a35a90b976f   12 years phi disable some not-yet-ready-for-release stuff
(edit) @5388:e5cc8e03a3e1   12 years phi Added support for refcount based VIOs as well as dynamically allocated …
(edit) @5387:ec00c0a72024   12 years phi added function to get serverinfo for library as well as libinfo command …
(edit) @5382:7be731352482   12 years phi coding style
(edit) @5381:430b1d26e12d   12 years phi updated copyright years
(edit) @5380:0504bc7766aa   12 years phi Added support for stream direction RECPLAY.
(edit) @5379:2a383aaf4b1b   12 years phi * Cleanup, * Set ISIT_BUILD in roard, * Test for more alternatives for …
(edit) @5378:481cd842e596   12 years phi started with some flags needed for #127
(edit) @5377:72f1d48ff502   12 years phi Removed legacy functions (Closes: #130): * roar_vio_init_calls(), * …
(edit) @5376:c8f94c6ad2a3   12 years phi finished rewrite of socket.[ch] for this release. Closes: #187
(edit) @5375:2b4d1e027b2d   12 years phi made some _LIBROAR_ATTR_TO_STATIC functions static
(edit) @5373:8da157c10483   12 years phi * Updated config structure * Added a flag to ask libroar to only connect …
(edit) @5372:63f373fa5790   12 years phi added support for ITST "build"
(edit) @5371:309ea408873b   12 years phi added new error codes
(edit) @5369:dfc6cbfe8025   12 years phi moved +fork out of socket.c into basic.c, now also support +fork=d:daemon …
(edit) @5368:1c35d975f8fe   12 years phi converted roar_connect_raw() to a static function, mad it a more universal …
(edit) @5367:b2aae2f6b2d7   12 years phi Added VIO/DSTR for SOCKS proxy (See: #187)
(edit) @5365:fa05e52423d9   12 years phi added roar_connect_none() and roar_connect_vio()
(edit) @5364:0de291943ccf   12 years phi marked good casts and added const keywords
(edit) @5363:58a8e22a1988   12 years phi made --minimal build work again
(edit) @5360:3dd9d1fd1b0e   12 years phi added const keywords, removed an uneeded cast to non-const
(edit) @5357:f3c705877ceb   12 years phi fixed some compiler warnings
(edit) @5353:de96f27919bf   12 years phi serveral updates to roarpluginrunner and plugin API in general
(edit) @5352:b23d2fa6d9c9   12 years phi added roar_buffer_get_datalen(), corrected _ckbuf() call in …
(edit) @5351:0ea5bef40aa4   12 years phi made default server location const
(edit) @5348:83fcc9598253   12 years phi Converted roar_buffer API to fully use refcounter (Closes: #126)
(edit) @5347:1d76e45ebfd1   12 years phi added some support and handling code for libdeps. currently it can be …
(edit) @5344:1fc66ca81759   12 years phi support lazy binding
(edit) @5335:dba934a2d1e0   12 years phi cleanup and updates to roardl API
(edit) @5326:dd73c777e8dd   12 years phi corrected ROAR_DBG() lions
(edit) @5324:d8a11b9bfafb   12 years phi honor $SSH_CLIENT and $SSH_CONNECTION
(edit) @5321:916f049deb4b   12 years phi added ref/unref support for roardl handles
(edit) @5320:d583f3008d43   12 years phi support usage counter and started to implement roar_plugincontainer_load()
(edit) @5317:6b1045321fd6   12 years phi updated plugin infrastructre
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