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(edit) @5010:065b9de0acf7   11 years phi Updated roar_reset() (Closes: #131)
(edit) @5002:35d2d75c1504   11 years phi added roar_mm_strlcpy(), roar_mm_strlcat() and roar_mm_strtok_r()
(edit) @5001:af12e5845239   11 years phi added roar_mm_sizeof()
(edit) @4992:59dd7fe37631   11 years phi STRDUP vs. STRNDUP
(edit) @4990:b3459568833a   11 years phi corrected strndup() #ifdef
(edit) @4985:e025032fad89   11 years phi only use special zero-size buffer if ROAR_USE_MEMMGR is defined.
(edit) @4974:ab7ac5b9c4df   11 years phi added roar_mm_free_retvoid()
(edit) @4972:4341665f3041   11 years phi detect changes in null-buffer on several memmgr calls
(edit) @4971:f5853509f5e3   11 years phi Use a non-\0-char buffer for zero-size malloc guard segment
(edit) @4966:d5d7ae44b604   11 years phi return MSGSIZE in case string is too long
(add) @4958:2d8a28f3d87f   11 years phi Added simple memmgr (memory Manager) code.
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