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(edit) @5411:1637795d29d8   10 years phi implemented command /status/
(edit) @5410:c61776a900d4   10 years phi Updated debian init script
(edit) @5104:3e3450a6e62f   10 years phi Updated debian init script (Closes: #169, #171)
(edit) @4768:cb4d99d92a45   11 years phi allow stop target even if daemon is disabled
(edit) @4767:1fef5909d218   11 years phi corrected init script
(edit) @4137:7077a7d28e11   11 years phi fixed rsd, esd emulation, use ROARD_PROFILES for some profiles
(edit) @4136:51a957a69625   11 years phi added ROARD_PROFILES
(edit) @4071:83b4b951d3cf   12 years phi only kill server if needed
(edit) @4022:d44bab7e951a   12 years phi added sndio.h file for debian pkg
(edit) @3690:c5de4a9e79bf   12 years phi added support for RSound emulation
(edit) @3689:1174a2804467   12 years phi force to early use syslog to log things to
(edit) @3525:a72839b8aac8   12 years phi again fixed wrong var
(edit) @3524:2f44a39c0179   12 years phi fixed wrong var
(edit) @3523:87d343b72a47   12 years phi auto detect user
(edit) @3522:121fde0edc88   12 years phi report status of daemon
(edit) @3521:ee1b8f00822d   12 years phi require remote_fs
(edit) @3200:794009c45902   12 years phi added --shutdown (terminating of remote roard)
(edit) @3199:9ae20a3ed7d1   12 years phi do not exit on error, breaks install/uninstall on debian
(edit) @3192:ef97ba3d14a7   12 years phi include patches for debian packet
(edit) @3053:069ed1f50d04   12 years phi set -b correctly on esd emulation enabled
(edit) @2585:2ed2f31c1459   12 years phi new init script
(edit) @1718:492f4ab4d1b4   13 years phi very basic start
(edit) @1717:63998837f029   13 years phi added spec file template as RoarAudio.spec
(edit) @1449:e67252883ec5   13 years phi first version of archlinux rc script by kalasmannen
(edit) @1147:d746d3147d3b   13 years phi corrected use of ROARD_DRIVER_OPTIONS config var
(edit) @1146:5da989481912   13 years phi updated to new driver interface
(add) @1047:d19a9c88898d   13 years phi added basic rc scripts for debian like systems
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