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html 1621:ef588e86101e   13 years phi ignore rendered HTML
magics 2883:0031c795734f   12 years phi added list of current codeds
man1 5399:88a0a95ae88c   10 years phi fixed hyphen-used-as-minus-sign
man3 5296:b7fd2c45243e   10 years phi Updated connection object. (Closes: #188)
man7 5106:5a373a017409   10 years phi typo
env 501 bytes 3120:09cb5b448272   12 years phi updated list of env vars
fixed-api 1.1 KB 1317:3329b8941a07   13 years phi added some calls of vio interface to fixed api
Makefile 1.0 KB 3096:8b5a08cc3db4   12 years phi clean target for docs
new-cmds 11.4 KB 5414:2b852fd3712c   10 years phi Typos (Closes: #192) (pr2)
proto 1.6 KB 1658:585e0fd27206   13 years phi started with a drafr for a byte orented roar protocol
standards 1.8 KB 4512:945fe9e3e9d5   11 years phi added standard about floats
standards-proto 365 bytes 4665:e3c6bda6e755   11 years phi added list for new proto standards
symlinks.src 1.2 KB 5296:b7fd2c45243e   10 years phi Updated connection object. (Closes: #188)
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