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     3= Update Suggestions = 
     4This page has some infos on the 'Update Suggestions' at the end of the release mails. 
     6== The suggestions == 
     7=== No specific suggestion === 
     8This is the lowest suggestion level. It should be used if none of the levels below fit. It is normally used in case a release does not touch important features and does not contain security or important bug fixes. 
     10Recommended text: "We have no specific suggestion on the update cycle." / "We have no recommendation on upgrade.". 
     12=== Update with OS Cycle === 
     13This recommends the user to update with the normal update cycle of the OS. This is normally used in case important features has been touched, a new feature likely soon be needed by other software was added or minor security/stability bugs was fixed. 
     15Recommended text: "We recommend to upgrade with the normal update cycle of your OS." 
     17=== Important to upgrade === 
     18This is used if an important security or stability problem got fixed. Maintainers should react as fast as possible. 
     20Recommended text: "We recommend to upgrade as soon as possible. OS package maintainers should provide an update really soon." 
     22=== Specific suggestion === 
     23In some cases a very specific suggestion is used. This can be the case if a bug was fixed which was only present in a specific version or package. 
     25Example texts: "We recommend all users of version A, B and C to upgrade." or "We recommend all but Debian users to upgrade."