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(edit) @5851:735e3e6b9d59   7 years phi make more use out of $(DEBUG_g) and $(Wall)
(edit) @5837:96349d1c8634   7 years phi Avoid %llX on win32 (Closes: #271)
(edit) @5832:f0b38d5ea016   7 years phi added roar_libroar_get_path_static() and make use of it
(edit) @5826:edb28d83ca21   7 years phi killed compiler warning
(edit) @5825:3e41991f9a62   7 years phi removed yet another set of -DXXX as well as $(PKGDEFINES). Updated …
(edit) @5823:f9f70dbaa376   7 years phi updated copyright
(edit) @5804:8321b4018c95   7 years phi honor ROAR_BROKEN_PEERCRED
(edit) @5763:83d26dff8492   7 years phi Moved notify debugging support out of roard into plugin debug-notify.
(edit) @5754:b23d79c13370   7 years phi avoid getenv() and use more portable roar_env_get(). Also improved …
(edit) @5744:04267bc6f467   7 years phi completed (hopefully) workaround for libshout on systems with full linkage …
(edit) @5740:b3aff85876f1   7 years phi commit 1: Moved protocol support into new plugins protocol-esound, …
(edit) @5739:2a1671d592b9   7 years phi commit 0: make protocol emulations for esd, gopher and rplay more …
(edit) @5710:8a616242d3a1   7 years phi added some more debug lions
(edit) @5708:8d1c97c7cd44   7 years phi Fixed roard's 'dmx' driver.
(edit) @5706:db47b2d9c689   7 years phi make it more easy to access DMX channels via plugin
(edit) @5664:3aa27a75a787   7 years phi Changed plugin ABI version number for roard.
(edit) @5663:f1ab5592bc0a   7 years phi cleanup of unused functions
(edit) @5662:6c1654f74e24   7 years phi Avoid warning about failed memlock on win32 (Closes: #329)
(edit) @5654:25b8ac2d3613   7 years phi build CPI objects based on configure options
(edit) @5651:b0e163908378   7 years phi Added compiler checks for printf() like format strings.
(edit) @5640:00dd1147ce70   7 years phi Removed support for roard's proto support (replaced by CPI) (Closes: #278)
(edit) @5639:b8cdcac37ffe   7 years phi Removed roard's sched support (Closes: #277)
(edit) @5635:94450e5c67fc   8 years phi Added audio click to roard's libshout driver "shout".
(edit) @5625:722bbc6d4930   8 years phi Fixed compiler warnings about roar_meta_strtype(3) (Closes: #305)
(edit) @5624:ec1593cc8525   8 years phi Added support for RePlayGain? (RPG) control (See: #300)
(edit) @5619:16fe78ec277c   8 years phi Implemented watchdog (Closes: #291)
(edit) @5608:584b36c566e2   8 years phi Handle super long client names well (Closes: #286)
(edit) @5607:9b10a70d82e4   8 years phi added clients_set_name()
(edit) @5606:f7617b41972e   8 years phi Updated common protocol interface (Closes: #257, #256)
(edit) @5592:da9a9bb6ece0   8 years phi addded --list-plugins
(edit) @5591:01e496cdb473   8 years phi increased maximum number of loaded protocols
(edit) @5590:006d3d9ef1ac   8 years phi report type of protocol (API) and source (buildin or Plugin)
(edit) @5586:5b82b3417705   8 years phi general cleanup for -Wextra
(edit) @5585:024f7f8c937c   8 years phi kill compiler warnings
(edit) @5582:f3111257da86   8 years phi added a macro for FNREG (callback) registration
(edit) @5581:c00aa79358ad   8 years phi avoid false positive reply on client exec with non supported protocol or …
(edit) @5580:d64b87bef246   8 years phi corrected usage of common protocol interface
(edit) @5577:5d9bed8d3bc6   8 years phi delay display of --list-proto until all plugins are loaded. Also indicate …
(edit) @5576:a98545bcc3f1   8 years phi Support a common protocol interface (Closes: #257)
(edit) @5575:5293c26f7113   8 years phi Did some win32 porting: * clean up of old win32 Makefile patching * …
(edit) @5574:2be917a38a32   8 years phi removed duplicate listing of protocols
(edit) @5571:b46ece5b30bf   8 years phi Improved support in roard for client passing.
(edit) @5568:a7bdf096a4d6   8 years phi added use of const, use size_t not int
(edit) @5567:6ecf012d7063   8 years phi roard now tries to auto load missing protocols as plugins (Closes: #275)
(edit) @5566:c45e448eb830   8 years phi make static and constant table go into read only data memory
(edit) @5482:ba865ae62928   8 years phi support quoted strings
(edit) @5452:bc99b9f05900   8 years phi ported internal stuff to new internal API
(edit) @5448:1abc4bbf0a00   8 years phi added more stuff to handle protocol specific instance data
(edit) @5447:d6eef074fb11   8 years phi set minium ABI version
(edit) @5427:543c052527b2   8 years phi support usage of plugin path also outside plugin containers
(edit) @5417:9152cdd6a02c   8 years phi Fixed bug in MIDI clock (Closes: #193) (pr2)
(edit) @5416:4a05bf454b4e   8 years phi use debug code only #ifdef DEBUG.
(edit) @5415:b0e383e49274   8 years phi Support MUTE flag on output streams as well (Closes: #194) (pr2)
(edit) @5414:2b852fd3712c   8 years phi Typos (Closes: #192) (pr2)
(edit) @5413:c4775e53e3a0   8 years phi fixes cppcheck warnings (false-positives)
(edit) @5388:e5cc8e03a3e1   8 years phi Added support for refcount based VIOs as well as dynamically allocated …
(edit) @5387:ec00c0a72024   8 years phi added function to get serverinfo for library as well as libinfo command …
(edit) @5381:430b1d26e12d   8 years phi updated copyright years
(edit) @5380:0504bc7766aa   8 years phi Added support for stream direction RECPLAY.
(edit) @5379:2a383aaf4b1b   8 years phi * Cleanup, * Set ISIT_BUILD in roard, * Test for more alternatives for …
(edit) @5377:72f1d48ff502   8 years phi Removed legacy functions (Closes: #130): * roar_vio_init_calls(), * …
(edit) @5375:2b4d1e027b2d   8 years phi made some _LIBROAR_ATTR_TO_STATIC functions static
(edit) @5374:5810df1d6fb9   8 years phi cleanup
(edit) @5370:bc45f468737b   8 years phi use symbolic const
(edit) @5353:de96f27919bf   8 years phi serveral updates to roarpluginrunner and plugin API in general
(edit) @5350:1e8e415b77c6   8 years phi nicer table formating for --list-aiprofiles
(edit) @5348:83fcc9598253   8 years phi Converted roar_buffer API to fully use refcounter (Closes: #126)
(edit) @5345:2e95587edd07   8 years phi avoid accessing (semi-)global data directly
(edit) @5333:15e7ba78b961   8 years phi cleanup and usage of const
(edit) @5331:dc6687b73157   8 years phi coding style
(edit) @5330:1e2a5862d666   8 years phi cleanup
(edit) @5325:6c8051631844   8 years phi added missing space
(edit) @5319:3ceafc779654   8 years phi added support for new standard appsched
(edit) @5312:27ec111dc8c5   8 years phi added support for seperate contextes for roardl/plugins. Currently incudes …
(edit) @5305:80ba5004e4e7   8 years phi some improvements with buffer usage (See: #126)
(edit) @5304:b4e9377c2dff   8 years phi removed old member
(edit) @5302:4d77c9526beb   8 years phi added roar_buffer_foreach() (See: #126)
(edit) @5301:f3e9cd30574d   8 years phi move away from roar_buffer_add() (See: #126)
(edit) @5295:5914c84e72be   8 years phi converted message (protocol) rutunes to use roar_mm_*() (Closes: #129)
(edit) @5289:ddb3677af4d0   8 years phi use support to set mixer ID up at least one API layer
(edit) @5288:1cb22eb99e5d   8 years phi updated stream_vio_*() types to match roar_vio_*() types
(edit) @5287:4dd383ee8658   8 years phi avoid declared but unused var on no-main-args platforms
(edit) @5279:bb3ff1f2be28   8 years phi added support to hostid and license to server info struct, added support …
(edit) @5278:b3e0dd3f3141   8 years phi last parts of merging _nonblock into _ctl and fixed sizeof(cmd) of _ctls
(edit) @5276:0eb24ca6810e   8 years phi merged VIO's _nonblock() into _ctl() (Closes: #135)
(edit) @5275:811818eb5b81   8 years phi Improved plugin loader a lot (Closes: #190)
(edit) @5274:3905f033f790   8 years phi syntax error in wiki syntax
(edit) @5270:e25346c13638   8 years phi fixed some gcc -Wextra warnings
(edit) @5266:8a1aa71fdfa9   8 years phi define macros for sched registrations in plugins
(edit) @5265:e87d58d8ddc5   8 years phi coding style
(edit) @5259:dc6b4deefec8   8 years phi coding style
(edit) @5257:27194d561c16   8 years phi fixed most warnings in roard
(edit) @5256:6029a22d29b6   8 years phi moved away from roar_vio_init_calls(), roar_vio_get_fh() and …
(edit) @5255:3275ce378322   8 years phi use const keyword
(edit) @5246:eae8bfcfa99d   8 years phi handle NULL options correctly.
(edit) @5245:56701720fa1d   8 years phi cleanup
(edit) @5244:e97aa5907fa2   8 years phi fully removed driver "raw"
(edit) @5242:97239101cee9   8 years phi some roard compiler warnings cleanup
(edit) @5218:772842651185   8 years phi Do not set errno to zero in ogg_vorbis codec filter (Closes: #191)
(edit) @5216:e16c15116d46   8 years phi moved roar_err_{build,parse}msg2() -> roar_err_{build,parse}msg(), see …
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