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(edit) @5907:e4b706566364   7 years phi support samples-per-tick parameter
(edit) @5906:006573352519   7 years phi updated protocol support to support /banks/
(edit) @5905:30fa6187b488   7 years phi added experimental DMX driver for I²C based devices
(edit) @5904:768618299b76   7 years phi added write support to special bar port
(edit) @5903:cac26a3b3cb0   7 years phi invert input ports as they are inverted on hardware
(edit) @5902:b82b16021032   7 years phi * Added GPIO service. * Added GPIO driver: piface.
(edit) @5900:3dbe762edefe   7 years phi some movements in direction of getting this more portable
(edit) @5899:4e7e80f39536   7 years phi use a instance-local global state
(edit) @5888:07e8ce696124   7 years phi Added new plugin service-client.
(edit) @5875:9714028b09ba   7 years phi update roar-config infos
(edit) @5851:735e3e6b9d59   7 years phi make more use out of $(DEBUG_g) and $(Wall)
(edit) @5837:96349d1c8634   7 years phi Avoid %llX on win32 (Closes: #271)
(edit) @5823:f9f70dbaa376   7 years phi updated copyright
(edit) @5822:6000fdb72b8e   7 years phi use static keyword.
(edit) @5821:8c14db3628b7   7 years phi added a plugin implementing the about service
(edit) @5793:6e8aefc64c6b   7 years phi corrected header include
(edit) @5767:c224fd65739a   8 years phi updates for current uste version, corrections for mimetype detection in …
(edit) @5763:83d26dff8492   8 years phi Moved notify debugging support out of roard into plugin debug-notify.
(edit) @5760:8ecfc415d2ab   8 years phi corrected handling of notify in case client died.
(edit) @5751:f9303c6aa44b   8 years phi avoid warnings on other systems
(edit) @5741:edecee88ed39   8 years phi some general improvements to move away from roard a bit more
(edit) @5740:b3aff85876f1   8 years phi commit 1: Moved protocol support into new plugins protocol-esound, …
(edit) @5739:2a1671d592b9   8 years phi commit 0: make protocol emulations for esd, gopher and rplay more …
(edit) @5738:2b1f72d9508d   8 years phi fixed rindex() problem, reported by stephan48
(edit) @5731:6410f5b8df75   8 years phi some reformating
(edit) @5730:bffff5f70163   8 years phi support index files
(edit) @5729:bd681a5766d0   8 years phi include all standard libroar functions
(edit) @5728:8ea83eb211cf   8 years phi allow '+'-escapes
(edit) @5727:9e76f3c57c5f   8 years phi removed debug lion I forget before last commit
(edit) @5726:4a15c13827a8   8 years phi allow passing GET parameters thru uste
(edit) @5725:a6b8cb206c2b   8 years phi added working uste support
(edit) @5722:00b33daf291c   8 years phi corrected version
(edit) @5721:677b4d5d2dde   8 years phi added new plugin protocol-http
(edit) @5711:b5dd05170412   8 years phi Added new plugin: dmx-waveform.
(edit) @5709:41cdb8bba0b4   8 years phi Added new plugin: dmx-random.
(edit) @5693:dcaff5077c48   8 years phi corrected host display
(edit) @5691:e65ea98f0053   8 years phi added some more debug lions
(edit) @5655:02f22fb10f00   8 years phi corrected format string. Thanks OpenBSD for detecting :)
(edit) @5640:00dd1147ce70   8 years phi Removed support for roard's proto support (replaced by CPI) (Closes: #278)
(edit) @5620:88dd28a25bec   8 years phi Updated manpage and bash_completion for roard, see #291
(edit) @5617:df74a3973acb   8 years phi Converted roard's protocol-irc plugin to CPI (Closes: #295)
(edit) @5606:f7617b41972e   8 years phi Updated common protocol interface (Closes: #257, #256)
(edit) @5605:b62a8a40201b   8 years phi corrected filename comments
(edit) @5603:0577a2d5a9a6   8 years phi Added roar_buffer_moveintoqueue() (Closes: #283)
(edit) @5602:6d421545ca98   8 years phi moved strselcmp() and strseltok() to libroar (Closes: #285)
(edit) @5579:3887ff7af8e7   8 years phi Converted roard plugins to universal where possible (Closes: #256)
(edit) @5569:ce502c95f097   8 years phi Improved tic-tac-toe plugin.
(edit) @5565:8e621ff8c3d0   8 years phi * Renamed protocol plugins for roard to protocol-* (Closes: #258)
(edit) @5493:ed802d14a722   8 years phi test for needed functions, not just fail on OpenBSD
(edit) @5486:3f3a5a9eca72   8 years phi allow application mode (--text $bla)
(edit) @5483:39ed701a5718   8 years phi support setting a non-default greeting
(edit) @5478:894c5c2b8c42   8 years phi * Corrected usage of -Wextra (pr0). * Updated build options for RAT …
(edit) @5473:93b2c70d8bec   8 years phi fixed building on FreeBSD, corrected include and lib paths
(edit) @5461:3726177a7bae   8 years phi Bring Telnet in right mode.
(edit) @5455:25363bc0cf6c   8 years phi typo
(edit) @5454:2ab8612a9401   8 years phi use numblock encoding as requested
(edit) @5451:db1e0b38bfb0   8 years phi ported to new proto stuff, moved init() so it is only run when unload will …
(edit) @5450:0a11d4f734cf   8 years phi added headlion and software version
(edit) @5449:c4827557d495   8 years phi implemented tic-tac-toe as roard proto plugin.
(edit) @5444:16e2c85d3671   8 years phi ported some plugins to the new interface
(edit) @5440:3bd9f7ab48ed   8 years phi added some comments
(edit) @5439:7950543cabbc   8 years phi added example plugin
(edit) @5435:c0055d333c5d   8 years phi print more infos about the current context
(edit) @5434:1bbcec2d01e9   8 years phi use better plugin names
(edit) @5426:ad8620ca97f3   8 years phi install plugins
(edit) @5424:535acd76cf85   8 years phi splited roard specific and universal plugins
(edit) @5381:430b1d26e12d   8 years phi updated copyright years
(edit) @5353:de96f27919bf   8 years phi serveral updates to roarpluginrunner and plugin API in general
(edit) @5343:587d63684f2f   8 years phi converted from roardsched to appsched
(edit) @5342:4f295490a27c   8 years phi spaces
(edit) @5340:180fa71d8af8   8 years phi cleanup and usage of new macros
(edit) @5335:dba934a2d1e0   8 years phi cleanup and updates to roardl API
(edit) @5318:22232b60cdb8   8 years phi added plugin: plugin-info
(edit) @5312:27ec111dc8c5   8 years phi added support for seperate contextes for roardl/plugins. Currently incudes …
(edit) @5310:4f218f917d7c   8 years phi updated comment
(edit) @5309:91102861071a   8 years phi added support for lusers
(edit) @5308:90bb00b0ea22   8 years phi added support for LIST command
(edit) @5307:4ac0597993b3   8 years phi corrected get_node(), returned freed buffer
(edit) @5306:8f1d1d2d3ca9   8 years phi added IRC plugin
(edit) @5303:0139588bda3e   8 years phi prototype updates
(edit) @5301:f3e9cd30574d   9 years phi move away from roar_buffer_add() (See: #126)
(edit) @5289:ddb3677af4d0   9 years phi use support to set mixer ID up at least one API layer
(edit) @5275:811818eb5b81   9 years phi Improved plugin loader a lot (Closes: #190)
(edit) @5268:f9de025a8da8   9 years phi make controls access the stream they should, not fixed stream ID 0
(edit) @5267:b48fff0bf120   9 years phi experimental support to connect to roard via PTYs
(edit) @5264:f2f46187bc2b   9 years phi corrected filename
(edit) @5263:1f8769c1aff0   9 years phi added very experimental control plugin
(edit) @5242:97239101cee9   9 years phi some roard compiler warnings cleanup
(edit) @5239:eb474b0b1805   9 years phi Removed roar_vs_latency().
(edit) @5238:5117fb0e7ed4   9 years phi Removed roar_stream_connect(), roar_stream_add_data(), …
(edit) @5236:0a8740e27666   9 years phi Removed roar_set_vol() and roar_server_oinfo(), as well as roar_exit().
(edit) @5235:f6772d7182e8   9 years phi use newer API functions
(edit) @5205:f3a15f146010   9 years phi updated bash completion file
(edit) @5197:fe1246618fcc   9 years phi call roar_plugin_reset() within roar_pcm_close()
(edit) @5196:6769899f55d2   9 years phi Re-wrote ALSA plugin (pr1)
(edit) @5195:893236952925   9 years phi first try of an latency mangement…
(edit) @5193:f75edc6bc609   9 years phi added some plugins for roard
(edit) @5174:c24a2089056a   9 years phi added some experimental fork of the old alsa plugin using VS API
(edit) @5169:be6f5ef02fc3   9 years phi added some debugging stuff
(edit) @5168:38e69b0d26e0   9 years phi added support to set stream role
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