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(edit) @5849:beb4bacada1d   7 years phi updated build system a bit to prepare for --out-implib support
(edit) @5823:f9f70dbaa376   7 years phi updated copyright
(edit) @5754:b23d79c13370   7 years phi avoid getenv() and use more portable roar_env_get(). Also improved …
(edit) @5614:8d2ab70551ac   7 years phi Fixed pa_xfree() (Closes: #293)
(edit) @5510:1bd7ea4ab486   8 years phi did a half complet port of threaded_mainloop
(edit) @5509:cd1927035f25   8 years phi ported some more functions
(edit) @5508:c985b0753ff0   8 years phi map PA_STREAM_RECORD to ROAR_DIR_RECORD.
(edit) @5507:625d7c213f05   8 years phi added versions as needed by newer versions of pulseaudio
(edit) @5381:430b1d26e12d   8 years phi updated copyright years
(edit) @5358:f3d3dc789cd7   8 years phi fixed minor problems with pulse emulation
(edit) @5348:83fcc9598253   8 years phi Converted roar_buffer API to fully use refcounter (Closes: #126)
(edit) @5300:190af1adf91c   8 years phi first commit to move away from old roar_buffer_add() to …
(edit) @5289:ddb3677af4d0   8 years phi use support to set mixer ID up at least one API layer
(edit) @5270:e25346c13638   8 years phi fixed some gcc -Wextra warnings
(edit) @5243:f286a604a4cf   8 years phi fixed a warning
(edit) @5239:eb474b0b1805   8 years phi Removed roar_vs_latency().
(edit) @5236:0a8740e27666   8 years phi Removed roar_set_vol() and roar_server_oinfo(), as well as roar_exit().
(edit) @4961:cb774dd51c82   9 years phi typo
(edit) @4960:60cdebcb83ef   9 years phi some updates for pulseaudio emulation, converted libroarpulse-simple fully …
(edit) @4896:0cd0dc3bc104   9 years phi removed useage of usleep() in flavor to nanosleep() if supported.
(edit) @4893:71aaa430f609   9 years phi fix some more ckport warnings
(edit) @4748:d7be1c18ccb5   9 years phi updated configure script to honor LDFLAGS and added --opti to set …
(edit) @4708:c9d40761088a   9 years phi updated copyright statements
(edit) @4668:0c34aa4e8ccf   9 years phi some typos in filenames…
(edit) @4559:4660942db9dc   9 years phi correct usage of COMMON_SOVERSION
(edit) @4048:67e307470da3   9 years phi use roar_terminate() not roar_exit()
(edit) @3939:2e0714441a16   9 years phi get some warnings way
(edit) @3938:3020c18be335   9 years phi use types from new tests
(edit) @3934:224c9cf406db   9 years phi corrected typedef so it works with newer versions
(edit) @3848:b161cd9c3443   10 years phi corrected use of NULL, some better VIO handling
(edit) @3847:c8ba27bb7e0d   10 years phi spaceing
(edit) @3811:49db840fb4f4   10 years phi fixed some copyright statements
(edit) @3519:2662df894209   10 years phi f* pa devels changed a prototype again, this time pa_utf8_valid()
(edit) @3517:1a3218a3fc5b   10 years phi updated license headers, FSF moved office
(edit) @3515:9570578e59c2   10 years phi implemented pa_hexstr() and pa_parsehex()
(edit) @3514:04b12826e5b8   10 years phi wrote support to read data from stream
(edit) @3513:8ed0565ca199   10 years phi more explizit rules
(edit) @3511:f9240c7d1955   10 years phi Makefile cleanup: we build libroarpulse and libroarpulse-simple as …
(edit) @3496:474e67abcc4e   10 years phi fix a small bug with uninited memory
(edit) @3495:36347978f766   10 years phi some more changed to not need pipe()
(edit) @3494:35b4a36cd351   10 years phi do only use pipe() in case we have it
(edit) @3493:92c9d034acbd   10 years phi define some consts for non poll() enabled systems
(edit) @3492:e9d7e26291c3   10 years phi define nfds_t
(edit) @3491:babffbc52d06   10 years phi use void as Display on non X11 systems
(edit) @3490:170391ca4c93   10 years phi some workarounds for poll() on non-poll()-enabled systems
(edit) @3489:8f6a8b0ac453   10 years phi some more prototypes, implemented some of them
(edit) @3488:c1b4ef74afda   10 years phi x11 prop functions
(edit) @3486:0224eb13cdd2   10 years phi prototype
(edit) @3485:62a60ae1a0c9   10 years phi added x11.c
(edit) @3483:1eaad4fca752   10 years phi wrote _roar_pa_mainloop_quit()... everything is now working fine
(edit) @3482:48c3807318a5   10 years phi debug lion
(edit) @3481:22f4d04a1114   10 years phi restarted poll() in case we got interuppted
(edit) @3480:4e3826267412   10 years phi use IO based indirect callbacks
(edit) @3478:2abe354cd9d4   10 years phi added iconv support
(edit) @3476:772b0a7aa509   10 years phi prototype
(edit) @3475:79552eb1413f   10 years phi added utf8.c
(edit) @3473:9b37ab18c87d   10 years phi a lot debug lions for the signal handler
(edit) @3472:d2274d9b5795   10 years phi get it to work with pacat!
(edit) @3471:8c6856b26672   10 years phi worte unix signal stuff
(edit) @3470:5bd95456e1b7   10 years phi added mainloop-signal.c
(edit) @3469:3082508bf5a4   10 years phi wrote most of the mainloop logic
(edit) @3468:c2bff8bedf7c   10 years phi wrote io event API
(edit) @3467:2edc25131da6   10 years phi get pacat to work using LD_PRELOAD
(edit) @3466:6d461930b82b   10 years phi more debug lions, corrected number of fragments
(edit) @3465:23962b935804   10 years phi start to support writeout of playback buffer
(edit) @3464:90b4012c0372   10 years phi temp workaround
(edit) @3463:38c2b0438750   10 years phi added struct pa_io_event
(edit) @3462:c8823247312c   10 years phi wrote basic framework
(edit) @3461:d5cac3d3f9b6   10 years phi prototype
(edit) @3460:c9ad63c2545b   10 years phi added mainloop.c
(edit) @3459:d5eff217fea2   10 years phi implemented a lot volume functions
(edit) @3458:65ad445b7626   10 years phi prototype
(edit) @3457:bdf3938a417d   10 years phi added volume.c
(edit) @3456:005f7563cf6c   10 years phi as long as invalid, not as long as not invalid
(edit) @3455:5a26f2fec851   10 years phi implement pa_channel_map_parse()
(edit) @3454:57b8f9e6de1e   10 years phi implemented pa_stream_get_buffer_attr()
(edit) @3453:cddb31dd11f9   10 years phi wrote pa_stream_get_time(), wrote dummy pa_stream_get_latency()
(edit) @3452:3e3d7b1124c2   10 years phi implement pa_stream_flush()
(edit) @3451:c8b8a7639039   10 years phi implemented pa_stream_get_timing_info() and updated …
(edit) @3450:65b4cc64b26e   10 years phi added pa_stream_update_timing_info()
(edit) @3449:ba42ab088e13   10 years phi support pa_stream_drain()
(edit) @3448:a1d933fa1897   10 years phi implemented pa_timeval_add()
(edit) @3447:ded31ab2cdf5   10 years phi implemented pa_gettimeofday()
(edit) @3446:6552ae491381   10 years phi prototype
(edit) @3445:7b8433d3a7e5   10 years phi added timeval.c
(edit) @3444:ba88a49e6ad6   10 years phi implemented pa_strerror()
(edit) @3443:5f41dee3faec   10 years phi prototype
(edit) @3442:c39cd072362a   10 years phi added error.c
(edit) @3441:a0284486d4b2   10 years phi move calcing of roar_pa_sspec2auinfo() from new to connect, added some …
(edit) @3440:7730bc584725   10 years phi added _roar_pa_stream_ioecb(), added some debug lions
(edit) @3439:83fb987c6017   10 years phi registzer IO event, still need callback
(edit) @3438:a40a55ea0254   10 years phi add support to get api
(edit) @3434:6dd7040af0f3   10 years phi implement most basic _roar_pa_stream_open()
(edit) @3433:5fb9bfd5e810   10 years phi pa_stream_connect_record() and pa_stream_connect_playback() -> …
(edit) @3432:0c3347ed155b   10 years phi wrote pa_stream_write()
(edit) @3431:a62fa829e0af   10 years phi added pa_stream_drop() and pa_stream_peek()
(edit) @3430:4e9790a5a08a   10 years phi implemented pa_stream_readable_size() and pa_stream_writable_size()
(edit) @3429:8b04b92caa30   10 years phi added a lot functions to set callbacks
(edit) @3428:44989588ad5a   10 years phi use struct _roar_pa_stream_cb
(edit) @3427:bb188ddb4b1d   10 years phi support pa_stream_get_sample_spec()
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