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(edit) @5849:beb4bacada1d   7 years phi updated build system a bit to prepare for --out-implib support
(edit) @5823:f9f70dbaa376   7 years phi updated copyright
(edit) @5754:b23d79c13370   7 years phi avoid getenv() and use more portable roar_env_get(). Also improved …
(edit) @5543:9e640709bcbd   7 years phi corrected stream directions, now matching the OSS standard ;)
(edit) @5381:430b1d26e12d   8 years phi updated copyright years
(edit) @5313:fe152a3ff8a0   8 years phi another set of small improvements
(edit) @5289:ddb3677af4d0   8 years phi use support to set mixer ID up at least one API layer
(edit) @5236:0a8740e27666   8 years phi Removed roar_set_vol() and roar_server_oinfo(), as well as roar_exit().
(edit) @5234:61a667e3b453   8 years phi make use of newer API functions
(edit) @4964:bba084fba0fa   9 years phi avoide most external uses of roar_vio_init_calls()
(edit) @4853:307276c62f7c   9 years phi added warning about obsolete ioctl SNDCTL_DSP_SETDUPLEX.
(edit) @4748:d7be1c18ccb5   9 years phi updated configure script to honor LDFLAGS and added --opti to set …
(edit) @4708:c9d40761088a   9 years phi updated copyright statements
(edit) @4633:d3571af94e9d   9 years phi simple workaround for clang inlining of *stat()
(edit) @4559:4660942db9dc   9 years phi correct usage of COMMON_SOVERSION
(edit) @4487:8faad70bfa79   9 years phi added a warning about O_EXCL
(edit) @4380:9e0d335e4c4e   9 years phi some cleanup
(edit) @4227:9abaccd0347a   9 years phi typo
(edit) @4226:7ac3014621a3   9 years phi ZERO fdsets if we return timeout in select
(edit) @4121:c3fe9bd0a57a   9 years phi sometimes the GNU64 things are the same as the STD things…
(edit) @4081:b30bb022564c   9 years phi added a lot debug lions, fixed broken locking on GNU systems
(edit) @4080:fc74d9ae33c7   9 years phi added some idea code of using fdopen() in fopen()
(edit) @4079:869ec5347fb5   9 years phi fixed some small bugs
(edit) @4078:19d24e1dc238   9 years phi another fix to get it working again: handle internal fh=-1 correctly
(edit) @4077:5da81888d777   9 years phi killed a segfault in case of ioctl() on fh=-1
(edit) @4008:e83733d722d9   9 years phi corrected matching of devices, only allow $DEV, $DEV[0-9], so no strange …
(edit) @4007:fcdcc803bc06   9 years phi get libroaross working again
(edit) @3953:191e7d8fe7fc   9 years phi init with save defaults
(edit) @3952:5d9df496e1a3   9 years phi added libroaross_open_vio()
(edit) @3951:e96f68ad3c68   9 years phi only test for O_ASYNC if OS has a O_ASYNC
(edit) @3892:38312d099271   10 years phi old NetBSD had no O_DIRECT
(edit) @3891:b46eba7707b2   10 years phi got mode_t problem soldved with FreeBSD
(edit) @3890:bbf415110a11   10 years phi use support creat() on FreeBSD
(edit) @3880:0a3a7d8ca0f2   10 years phi dummy implemented stat(), fstat(), lstat()
(edit) @3879:6644eb2eda37   10 years phi added roardl plugin init function (mostly dummy)
(edit) @3873:29771aef3daa   10 years phi define O_DIRECTORY in case it is not defined by OS
(edit) @3872:51fe5bedbd0a   10 years phi become more portable
(edit) @3871:dc9be2b6eef2   10 years phi added support for creat()
(edit) @3870:a1987a5a6824   10 years phi use more general API, support tailing star in filenames
(edit) @3868:41e42a0a5c97   10 years phi use symbilic names
(edit) @3867:6598d2c85f69   10 years phi also ignore the direction flags
(edit) @3866:5ca375b5e98c   10 years phi added open64()
(edit) @3864:6a269d69e845   10 years phi added support for SNDCTL_DSP_NONBLOCK
(edit) @3850:ecd08ece4a31   10 years phi use of roar_mm_*()
(edit) @3849:dbd0c483126a   10 years phi added support to handle O_NONBLOCK
(edit) @3792:399326f5e192   10 years phi correded some spacing
(edit) @3783:9d56be5fbe0f   10 years phi allow access() on internal files
(edit) @3782:f71f3d6e5177   10 years phi dummy access() which simply passes all requets to kernel
(edit) @3781:3c7425cff613   10 years phi added some debug lions
(edit) @3780:d463fa7a8ba9   10 years phi added some very basic support for fcntl()
(edit) @3779:36060b546889   10 years phi forgot to call _init() again.
(edit) @3778:1c21eee2b90d   10 years phi added fcntl()
(edit) @3777:cfa215d2654d   10 years phi handle some flags
(edit) @3775:3fe8c77c0208   10 years phi added comments
(edit) @3774:f751c7edf8d1   10 years phi support some basic VIO based selects()
(edit) @3773:825dc7b2c8ff   10 years phi got some warnings away
(edit) @3772:d2dc6651b7d7   10 years phi spacing
(edit) @3771:8ff6830f66ee   10 years phi implemented select() using roar_vio_select() for sysio
(edit) @3752:0e8d130d03a0   10 years phi test if compiler supports -Wextra
(edit) @3668:fb881b515df5   10 years phi some cleanup
(edit) @3667:cfe93dbf0bdb   10 years phi support static files with fopen()
(edit) @3666:bae6cc157110   10 years phi added support for static files
(edit) @3665:c5a64a24bef4   10 years phi added a lot debug lions, fixed bug with mixer
(edit) @3664:fdbfa4ac9e3b   10 years phi added a lot things in direction of HT_VIO, fixed some bugs with mixer code
(edit) @3663:31d8f7ed1737   10 years phi infos on meaning of types
(edit) @3662:04f27c561695   10 years phi device list should be global!
(edit) @3657:e6be7ef3fece   10 years phi added support for dup() and dup2()
(edit) @3656:c482af786cd8   10 years phi %lu -> 0x%lX
(edit) @3655:db9b17e0f504   10 years phi get it work with ALSA oss plugin!
(edit) @3654:38229e2e9ff8   10 years phi fixes small things to get it better work with alsa
(edit) @3652:b5d0c4533431   10 years phi added option to support new session for each stream
(edit) @3639:a76479cf4ef4   10 years phi use -Wextra
(edit) @3536:5853d12bb8d3   10 years phi use scale
(edit) @3517:1a3218a3fc5b   10 years phi updated license headers, FSF moved office
(edit) @3500:124ab465ee2d   10 years phi added $ROAR_OSS_CLIENT_NAME
(edit) @3265:c63c63dab75f   10 years phi corrected var name, didn't build in debug mode
(edit) @3264:e38f65edb159   10 years phi support for fopen()
(edit) @3261:6c96218934f2   10 years phi write-only DMX4Linux support
(edit) @3248:93efae2764f5   10 years phi reject invalide open
(edit) @3247:76ee0ad9cdc4   10 years phi more DMX devices
(edit) @3246:1d9346abf116   10 years phi start of DMX support
(edit) @3245:abadfd8ef462   10 years phi support for some other midi device names
(edit) @3244:cb520c8f0212   10 years phi support for MIDI
(edit) @3243:c94b76c41faa   10 years phi update correct counter
(edit) @3242:aab6235855b1   10 years phi support /dev/sound/*
(edit) @3229:bbf20dac188c   10 years phi added some really _bad_ debugging code
(edit) @3184:62cdc6ec7cca   10 years phi support to keep session open
(edit) @3183:a965fad9c167   10 years phi more debug lions
(edit) @3181:513b1f6a889e   10 years phi use build libroaross, use it as complib, added support to roarify, unset …
(edit) @3180:6f606ed52506   10 years phi get it to build (not to work) on cygwin
(edit) @3178:0882f7dc9b71   10 years phi added support for SNDCTL_DSP_GETOPTR and SNDCTL_DSP_GETIPTR!
(edit) @3177:7576b55416ad   10 years phi added OSSv4 SNDCTL_DSP_GETPLAYVOL/SNDCTL_DSP_SETPLAYVOL
(edit) @3176:fc58c940faea   10 years phi added support for SNDCTL_DSP_GETOSPACE, SNDCTL_DSP_GETISPACE
(edit) @3175:dd53c54fe93f   10 years phi uuuppsss... return 0, not only catch the case
(edit) @3174:c5375dec7893   10 years phi also simulate dsp device on ROAR_DEFAULT_OSS_DEV if defined
(edit) @3173:e002d7cdffdc   10 years phi added /dev/audio to list of audio devices
(edit) @3172:d1c961d6d895   10 years phi test for libdl
(edit) @3171:d99199cb5daf   10 years phi avoide parsing probelms of older gcc versions
(edit) @3170:97e90e17148f   10 years phi corrected var name
(edit) @3169:686441722100   10 years phi ioctl() prototype depends on OS, test and use correct one
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