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(edit) @5862:560033570a60   7 years phi avoid linker warning on openbsd, also harden against string buffer …
(edit) @5849:beb4bacada1d   7 years phi updated build system a bit to prepare for --out-implib support
(edit) @5823:f9f70dbaa376   7 years phi updated copyright
(edit) @5651:b0e163908378   8 years phi Added compiler checks for printf() like format strings.
(edit) @5587:490cb80dfb06   8 years phi make depends on libm optional
(edit) @5553:a17285dc6fd6   8 years phi some random improvements to DTMF stuff
(edit) @5551:b2d3093178c9   8 years phi limit output to avoid bad clippin
(edit) @5548:73e43db30a1c   8 years phi Added filter based on Goertzel algorithm
(edit) @5547:3f5d08ba722e   8 years phi added an extended DTMF mode
(edit) @5546:faff3e9677c4   8 years phi Started DTMF library
(edit) @5515:1bbc92b50075   8 years phi fixed a compiler warning
(edit) @5495:2bbc84e22b80   8 years phi removed ROAR_DBG() lions resulting in build failture in case of -DDEBUG
(edit) @5485:78adfa239868   8 years phi make the code a bit more uniform
(edit) @5469:23c09a8dc701   8 years phi added an filter to do: r = -(l = (l+r)/2.1) (usefull for broken headphones
(edit) @5418:6abd8904a8c8   8 years phi updated API for roar_amp_pcm*()
(edit) @5388:e5cc8e03a3e1   8 years phi Added support for refcount based VIOs as well as dynamically allocated …
(edit) @5381:430b1d26e12d   8 years phi updated copyright years
(edit) @5362:1fe6471e62bc   8 years phi some fixes for --minimal
(edit) @5333:15e7ba78b961   8 years phi cleanup and usage of const
(edit) @5305:80ba5004e4e7   8 years phi some improvements with buffer usage (See: #126)
(edit) @5300:190af1adf91c   9 years phi first commit to move away from old roar_buffer_add() to …
(edit) @5282:efca34f07bfc   9 years phi some ports to AVR and 8 and 16 bit archs
(edit) @5278:b3e0dd3f3141   9 years phi last parts of merging _nonblock into _ctl and fixed sizeof(cmd) of _ctls
(edit) @5270:e25346c13638   9 years phi fixed some gcc -Wextra warnings
(edit) @5269:b914e5b61703   9 years phi start of a response curve filter
(edit) @5210:8eb738dee9d4   9 years phi Updated ports to minimal, win32 and avr (pr2)
(edit) @5181:ca57e34b2a35   9 years phi updated filters to support 8 and 32 bit as well as 16 bit
(edit) @5177:49fc5113e053   9 years phi added 8 and 32 bit support
(edit) @5175:fd0ef23bf1a6   9 years phi corrected the formulars for warp-around-clipping-like-intel-does (bug …
(edit) @5173:96a378947ca8   9 years phi imporved the clip filter
(edit) @5171:7c5491b0c607   9 years phi improved error handling
(edit) @5170:33a684d40d62   9 years phi corrected cutoff freq
(edit) @4881:97b9a8b8fee5   9 years phi enforce upper limit
(edit) @4880:5690263bf012   9 years phi do not ignore hi-order terms
(edit) @4879:3d39c745c8f7   9 years phi added roar_math_diffpoly(), roar_math_intpoly() and roar_math_numintpoly()
(edit) @4758:891fa8f3a5cd   9 years phi started with autlaw support, still broken
(edit) @4748:d7be1c18ccb5   9 years phi updated configure script to honor LDFLAGS and added --opti to set …
(edit) @4708:c9d40761088a   9 years phi updated copyright statements
(edit) @4668:0c34aa4e8ccf   9 years phi some typos in filenames…
(edit) @4601:098b29882340   10 years phi correctly tested for NULL
(edit) @4518:2f2c45846cf3   10 years phi fixed a unused var warning
(edit) @4514:c535e42e44f3   10 years phi added converting functions
(edit) @4513:6f366383cd70   10 years phi added support for floating point converting
(edit) @4271:3d8ee398f663   10 years phi updated RMS support
(edit) @4261:0297d7c6a24c   10 years phi fixed 1->n, n->1 channels problem in 32 bit mode
(edit) @4152:3e89cc389e23   10 years phi fixed for use with libcelt = 0.7.1
(edit) @4129:7e48d8df51a3   10 years phi fixed resampler code finnaly, thanks to maister for patches
(edit) @4125:365b99118145   10 years phi fixed converter functions
(edit) @4123:e8ac20348706   10 years phi make the conv2 nuericaly more stable
(edit) @4122:e1c8cefe15f6   10 years phi updated converters so work better in most cases
(edit) @4117:dc93b9056733   10 years phi moved comment to where it should be
(edit) @4115:c3fb01959302   10 years phi ha, got resampling with wrong number of channels working!
(edit) @4114:41916d68d624   10 years phi optimize the code a bit more
(edit) @4113:db143e08f4e8   10 years phi move vars decls. to where they should be
(edit) @4112:215f5e16823a   10 years phi some fist cleanup
(edit) @4111:ea89fa7723d6   10 years phi experimental patch from maister for resampling
(edit) @4110:9e1843b01eba   10 years phi typos working_before_resamplerpatch2
(edit) @3813:9a1ebd9f3025   10 years phi fixed some copyright statements
(edit) @3812:acdaec327ece   10 years phi fixed some copyright statements
(edit) @3811:49db840fb4f4   10 years phi fixed some copyright statements
(edit) @3791:a7a9134c0861   10 years phi fixed some warnings
(edit) @3790:1ba31162e041   10 years phi fixed copyright
(edit) @3635:7948dba81516   10 years phi removed -Wextra from makefile
(edit) @3634:4302b0003d93   10 years phi bit more in direction of -Wextra
(edit) @3633:33a6a1a59939   10 years phi code for multi channel RMS (currently only 1 and 2 channels)
(edit) @3629:94d301064a3a   10 years phi start to support diffrent SONAME versions for the libs, not yet supported …
(edit) @3626:7fc82747cba3   10 years phi added functions to request status
(edit) @3605:57ed51fac847   10 years phi cleanup, support for PDP byte order
(edit) @3554:129c6f16409b   10 years phi update API
(edit) @3552:24a88686e1f2   10 years phi less compiler warnings
(edit) @3551:6975683fbd9e   10 years phi some debug output
(edit) @3550:894340e379a7   10 years phi correcteced mapping
(edit) @3548:f45c9bcfcf20   10 years phi wrote channel mapper functions for PCM
(edit) @3545:f63be4b292cd   10 years phi detect invalid channels
(edit) @3543:af952b03e304   10 years phi added names for midi channels
(edit) @3541:1e63ce5b7951   10 years phi support for inverse channel mapping
(edit) @3538:a5ca10905545   10 years phi added function to init channel map list
(edit) @3517:1a3218a3fc5b   10 years phi updated license headers, FSF moved office
(edit) @3331:b028f43b4738   10 years phi use char[] not int[]
(edit) @3330:b7af6ecf138b   10 years phi added roardsp_chanlist2str()
(edit) @3329:d939b3aedbc5   10 years phi added function to calc a channel map
(edit) @3328:5d21c87bce42   10 years phi some channale name functions
(edit) @3327:3ff4287ec9f7   10 years phi added empty channels.c
(edit) @3268:56a8d2d3dbb7   10 years phi updated some sonames
(edit) @3098:d2712c3e3e42   10 years phi set soname in most libs
(edit) @3063:955233719a84   10 years phi use memory functions from libroar, not libc, fixed a small memory leak
(edit) @3037:c1821f5d7d60   11 years phi wrote interleaver…
(edit) @3036:0789cd065a6a   11 years phi added dummy for roar_interl_encode_ext()
(edit) @3035:ffd68a1a48cb   11 years phi corrected function name
(edit) @3034:01472131e78b   11 years phi added libroardsp/interleave.[ch]
(edit) @3029:816a2dba7285   11 years phi test if we have the speex filter
(edit) @3014:c4dc5270a335   11 years phi units…
(edit) @3011:7b2d74e17603   11 years phi fixed bug reported by Simon Matter
(edit) @3010:f853cab15d30   11 years phi started with AGC filter
(edit) @3005:8a2821b526bb   11 years phi make basic options settable
(edit) @3003:9d0935291fca   11 years phi run data thru preprep
(edit) @3002:9399e9015485   11 years phi test for data to be NULL
(edit) @3001:98395340e261   11 years phi do not use malloc()/free() but roar_mm_*()
(edit) @3000:8a9e97fe897d   11 years phi WARN -> DBG
(edit) @2999:c08010b8e02f   11 years phi swap filter needs to be run in 2 channel, not in 1 channel mode
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