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(edit) @5901:64d1f534671b   7 years phi added roar_mm_free_noerror() and make some use out of it
(edit) @5897:b737a5a50fc7   7 years phi added var /err/ to win32 code
(edit) @5896:aef8b3923086   7 years phi cleanup of usage of hard coded buffer lengths. Migrated some cases to …
(edit) @5895:2bcffab4cd73   7 years phi Moved away from roar_libroar_get_path_static()
(edit) @5889:d866fb1213d6   7 years phi avoid segfault in rpld by testing our args for validity
(edit) @5884:2cea563f456d   7 years phi small updated: avoid generation of invalid paths as well as adding support …
(edit) @5849:beb4bacada1d   7 years phi updated build system a bit to prepare for --out-implib support
(edit) @5848:49bec75c55fe   7 years phi do not use low/prio/root ports
(edit) @5847:1394ec14a63d   7 years phi revert local test changes
(edit) @5846:21c98581c23b   7 years phi avoid possible problems with roar_env_get_home() outsite init phase. …
(edit) @5845:43d648524685   7 years phi small error value correction/debug lion update
(edit) @5844:6111f08378d3   7 years phi test return value of _spawnlp()
(edit) @5843:62465e3791bc   7 years phi Added support for +fork on win32 (Closes: #337)
(edit) @5841:684c2d39f82e   7 years phi added support to terminate a server on QUIT as needed for #337
(edit) @5840:f36d0a5127a2   7 years phi use path system for default daemonimage.
(edit) @5839:bb64c0dfed90   7 years phi make use of #ifdef so we do not end up on usage of undefined macros
(edit) @5838:52ca1a88734e   7 years phi handle setting of server name in connection object in a better way. also …
(edit) @5837:96349d1c8634   7 years phi Avoid %llX on win32 (Closes: #271)
(edit) @5836:81ccac5ddc61   7 years phi Added half of the support for AppSched? Triggers ABOUT, HELP and …
(edit) @5835:62b52f2dc181   7 years phi typo
(edit) @5834:22e75d31bfd8   7 years phi Fix #296 by using a workaround (disabling RTLD_DEEPBIND). Needs to be …
(edit) @5833:b08528d5bfa0   7 years phi strip double slashes to prettify paths
(edit) @5832:f0b38d5ea016   7 years phi added roar_libroar_get_path_static() and make use of it
(edit) @5831:c7c74fda8b83   7 years phi added more usefull paths
(edit) @5830:a34322211d3d   7 years phi fix possible buffer overflow (which can lead in stack overwrite) caused by …
(edit) @5829:09f674dfe78a   7 years phi fix possible buffer overflow (which can lead in stack overwrite) caused by …
(edit) @5828:d981716ace28   7 years phi added a way to list all known paths
(edit) @5825:3e41991f9a62   7 years phi removed yet another set of -DXXX as well as $(PKGDEFINES). Updated …
(edit) @5823:f9f70dbaa376   7 years phi updated copyright
(edit) @5819:be1cf7f20f45   7 years phi added a nice way of autoloading service plugins
(edit) @5818:993d96fc5e9c   7 years phi also return pointer to service
(edit) @5817:3247560506ab   7 years phi corrected check for universal
(edit) @5816:6c593d184ef2   7 years phi improved service interface even more, allow creation of a simple interface …
(edit) @5815:72602f914383   7 years phi also return lhandle for context switching
(edit) @5814:81052ac84144   7 years phi Improved CSI: Make it easier to register and access services.
(edit) @5812:869af8b6761a   7 years phi improved roar_libroar_get_path() slightly
(edit) @5811:28f6eed531d7   7 years phi improved roar_env_render_path_r() and added support for it to roar-config
(edit) @5810:d44ff4605fa5   7 years phi added a lot paths to our path config (roar_libroar_get_path())
(edit) @5792:bfe694357a8a   7 years phi hopefully fix win32 bug with execed workaround
(edit) @5791:cfd78ecb471f   7 years phi added configured path prefix-ckport
(edit) @5770:b3577113c65e   8 years phi support unregging FN Regs without unregging all FN Regs of current lhandle
(edit) @5766:f5bfde2f4b12   8 years phi added ROAR_VIO_DSTR_PEF_ALLOW_ABSOLUTE as well as …
(edit) @5761:8b1fe18354e2   8 years phi do better context handling on calling FN regs
(edit) @5758:764abad74110   8 years phi let roar_libroar_set_forkapi() take a const API struct
(edit) @5757:75c9b2e184f3   8 years phi Added support for configureable memmgr backend (Closes: #334)
(edit) @5755:d61e5f9b4111   8 years phi added roar_mm_strdup2()
(edit) @5754:b23d79c13370   8 years phi avoid getenv() and use more portable roar_env_get(). Also improved …
(edit) @5752:ec433a3a02b8   8 years phi Improved env API
(edit) @5747:17e1c9dacc8f   8 years phi Provide a more common interface for path config.
(edit) @5745:981cb1338653   8 years phi avoid warnings on systems with non-POSIX socket interface (I'm looking at …
(edit) @5742:c2540f169bdf   8 years phi added function roar_vio_dstr_cat() used to concatinate filename/paths
(edit) @5733:a0c8a7be1ae7   8 years phi added function roar_buffer_new_str() create buffers from string literals
(edit) @5732:c992b3a63250   8 years phi added support to return the null uuid
(edit) @5724:065ec1638fac   8 years phi allow zero size buffers
(edit) @5723:805947093c12   8 years phi allow deleting of clients in flushed() callback
(edit) @5720:d5aae161b279   8 years phi do not try to add the current new buffer to itself.
(edit) @5717:9fabbe9dc953   8 years phi corrected lhandle context switching
(edit) @5714:d9d16e63c248   8 years phi avoid segfault in case host argument is NULL
(edit) @5713:e7d936e294ac   8 years phi exit main loop in case no work is to do anymore.
(edit) @5697:f3a6f503e20e   8 years phi allow CPI stubs
(edit) @5696:9aee2cd179af   8 years phi do select after wait-after-select in case select before wait in …
(edit) @5695:dd52b51afdfb   8 years phi support diffrent strategy values.
(edit) @5694:d31d31565f84   8 years phi small updates to scheduler API
(edit) @5692:0480fc56e68a   8 years phi Added scheduler (mainly for IO events) (Closes: #206)
(edit) @5690:9205cac1fbb1   8 years phi Improved handling of mixing OpenSSL enabled applications with libroar …
(edit) @5688:c7e8e3a700ec   8 years phi avoid a warning on OpenBSD
(edit) @5687:2462b285607d   8 years phi Fixed segfault caused by strstr() in low level socket interface.
(edit) @5683:4101c33111f7   8 years phi avoid null as it is a reserved keyword on win32.
(edit) @5667:7bc121d15d0e   8 years phi added function retruning common namespaces
(edit) @5666:f8d48d28e43e   8 years phi cleanup
(edit) @5665:10c164fd8e04   8 years phi Added support for v3 and v5 UUIDs.
(edit) @5661:efd1ca5963ee   8 years phi Improved kv API: added roar_keyval_copy()
(edit) @5653:a544ab772198   8 years phi avoid compiler warning with -DDEBUG
(edit) @5652:4680a269b984   8 years phi typo in debug message
(edit) @5651:b0e163908378   8 years phi Added compiler checks for printf() like format strings.
(edit) @5650:21e9c5f21d73   8 years phi did some hardening for key names being NULL within a kv array of known …
(edit) @5647:3707f49de5ab   8 years phi Added RAT test 'buffer_set_len'.
(edit) @5646:962e433070f3   8 years phi Updated list of error values.
(edit) @5645:5d0d591fd4e6   8 years phi make local copies of key names
(edit) @5644:ebfbaab396d7   8 years phi Improved kstore API (See: #317)
(edit) @5643:26caa60db561   8 years phi Updated VIO CMD to work around kernel bugs in Linux kernel.
(edit) @5637:8222fdbd0cdd   8 years phi corrected typos, thanks to Adam D. Barratt
(edit) @5634:7ad2a55f0205   8 years phi Updated CMD VIO to no longer eat more than needed. Helps resolving a …
(edit) @5633:d4e4fbb90e25   8 years phi Fixed memory leak in hash framwork. Affacted RNG (Closes: #310)
(edit) @5624:ec1593cc8525   8 years phi Added support for RePlayGain? (RPG) control (See: #300)
(edit) @5623:cd8f318fd1a9   8 years phi Fixed metadata handling in meta.c.
(edit) @5622:902c833ffb62   8 years phi Added meta generes (See: #301)
(edit) @5621:33b7ab5ae9ef   8 years phi Updated protocol magic numbers (See: #262) (Part 2)
(edit) @5619:16fe78ec277c   8 years phi Implemented watchdog (Closes: #291)
(edit) @5608:584b36c566e2   8 years phi Handle super long client names well (Closes: #286)
(edit) @5603:0577a2d5a9a6   8 years phi Added roar_buffer_moveintoqueue() (Closes: #283)
(edit) @5602:6d421545ca98   8 years phi moved strselcmp() and strseltok() to libroar (Closes: #285)
(edit) @5589:de9dbc2ecc4b   8 years phi Updated UUID support to fixs shortcoming detected by rpld. Closes: #276
(edit) @5584:2488ccc53f71   8 years phi better debug lion
(edit) @5583:afc93a693c8a   8 years phi avoid segfaul when para is NULL
(edit) @5581:c00aa79358ad   8 years phi avoid false positive reply on client exec with non supported protocol or …
(edit) @5554:974f701cf7b5   8 years phi support to convert EAI_* error codes (Closes: #255)
(edit) @5544:16ca0566b0e9   8 years phi Improved error handling (including on win32) (Closes: #235)
(edit) @5542:3b91d8c359b5   8 years phi added a profile for ogg-vorbis
(edit) @5541:4bc109656e55   8 years phi removed Opus AI profile, see #243
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