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(edit) @6056:8d4468a24909   5 years phi added IDs for dynamic protocols. Closes: #265
(edit) @6055:7fe8f4a9cd25   5 years phi Added protocol IDs for user defined protocols. Closes: #264
(edit) @6053:7e5f26650093   5 years phi Added protocol IDs for RTP, RTCP, RTSP and SIP. Used by modern streaming …
(edit) @6052:d48765b2475e   5 years phi updated copyright headers
(edit) @6047:fa2d27d5a239   5 years phi yet another step to make it build on recent NetBSDs again
(edit) @6046:7782f552c25c   5 years phi Moved include of <sys/socket.h> around to re-enable build on *BSD (pr1)
(edit) @6038:1a73192bcf7f   5 years phi typo
(edit) @6031:d8e5895d5eb7   5 years phi commit missing header
(edit) @6024:1cff42f524a4   5 years phi safer macros
(edit) @6022:db3345439191   5 years phi cleanup
(edit) @6008:72b2c1c9fb71   6 years phi added RoarDMX events NOTIFY[0-3]
(edit) @6007:54e5f37d531c   6 years phi added roar_str2usec()
(edit) @6002:8c1718fd1be4   6 years phi typo
(edit) @6001:872d916b8ca0   6 years phi added some support for CONTROL messages to libroarlight's RoarDMX support
(edit) @5983:377909b17ccb   6 years phi added support to *add* RoarDMX events in SLFI filters
(edit) @5982:c38f275b38ae   6 years phi Added support to load light control filters into roard.
(edit) @5976:237d8fbec012   6 years phi typo
(edit) @5975:d856dad45320   6 years phi Added support for rangeset to libroarlight.
(edit) @5972:3132a6dafffa   6 years phi Added 16 user defined RoarDMX events.
(edit) @5962:1f27cef8dbfa   6 years phi added some docs about the inner structure of the packets
(edit) @5961:06e7fd9e4c25   6 years phi Updates of copyright and license headers
(edit) @5958:1414eda6efc3   6 years phi Removed OpenSSL support (See: #366)
(edit) @5951:b0e1eff45456   6 years phi more header cleanup: cleanup of #includes
(edit) @5949:9528e85ba67c   6 years phi Marked roarcatvio as obsolete. Added all unique features to roarcatplay.
(edit) @5945:513aedefab60   6 years phi Updated checks on commandlion parameters (Closes: DEB#716264, DEB#716251, …
(edit) @5931:238a9651c499   6 years phi added database functions for RoarDMX event names
(edit) @5928:4b47df830204   6 years phi typo
(edit) @5926:5ce8b7f77388   6 years phi added support EVENT type messages
(edit) @5924:1488a53c9a47   6 years phi improve the RoarDMX code a bit: cleanup and better error handling.
(edit) @5922:ba2b6d64a1d9   6 years phi updated the way the new events are defined
(edit) @5921:2fa512f52879   6 years phi added more strobe related events
(edit) @5919:527e233c7bad   6 years phi add more notify types related to light control
(edit) @5913:25cf996e88b3   6 years phi updated some protocol constants
(edit) @5902:b82b16021032   7 years phi * Added GPIO service. * Added GPIO driver: piface.
(edit) @5901:64d1f534671b   7 years phi added roar_mm_free_noerror() and make some use out of it
(edit) @5887:9aa2beedb9a4   7 years phi finalized service API for "client" universal service
(edit) @5886:6000d0df9dce   7 years phi updated name of services
(edit) @5882:7e44c5648fc4   7 years phi added needed forward declerations
(edit) @5881:ba1d4c9f5d8c   7 years phi corrected number of empty lions
(edit) @5880:0a5f9633d5ea   7 years phi updated prototype
(edit) @5879:d014ed05a65f   7 years phi added more services infos, yet they are not offical
(edit) @5842:f32920b29668   7 years phi porting to win32, "interface" seems to be something magical on win32…
(edit) @5841:684c2d39f82e   7 years phi added support to terminate a server on QUIT as needed for #337
(edit) @5837:96349d1c8634   7 years phi Avoid %llX on win32 (Closes: #271)
(edit) @5836:81ccac5ddc61   7 years phi Added half of the support for AppSched? Triggers ABOUT, HELP and …
(edit) @5832:f0b38d5ea016   7 years phi added roar_libroar_get_path_static() and make use of it
(edit) @5828:d981716ace28   7 years phi added a way to list all known paths
(edit) @5823:f9f70dbaa376   7 years phi updated copyright
(edit) @5820:385624d6ebe3   7 years phi added hader for services defining some standard services
(edit) @5819:be1cf7f20f45   7 years phi added a nice way of autoloading service plugins
(edit) @5818:993d96fc5e9c   7 years phi also return pointer to service
(edit) @5816:6c593d184ef2   7 years phi improved service interface even more, allow creation of a simple interface …
(edit) @5815:72602f914383   7 years phi also return lhandle for context switching
(edit) @5814:81052ac84144   7 years phi Improved CSI: Make it easier to register and access services.
(edit) @5809:c892fef6be33   7 years phi typos
(edit) @5805:63c6f28a0374   7 years phi Re-ported to OpenBSD. (and broke other system? ;)
(edit) @5770:b3577113c65e   7 years phi support unregging FN Regs without unregging all FN Regs of current lhandle
(edit) @5769:c0b2186fc394   7 years phi yet another type correction
(edit) @5768:79414f01fa67   7 years phi corrected type
(edit) @5766:f5bfde2f4b12   7 years phi added ROAR_VIO_DSTR_PEF_ALLOW_ABSOLUTE as well as …
(edit) @5762:c517ca277cd0   7 years phi avoid warnings
(edit) @5758:764abad74110   7 years phi let roar_libroar_set_forkapi() take a const API struct
(edit) @5757:75c9b2e184f3   7 years phi Added support for configureable memmgr backend (Closes: #334)
(edit) @5756:1296a6d05453   7 years phi added feature test macro for get path
(edit) @5755:d61e5f9b4111   7 years phi added roar_mm_strdup2()
(edit) @5754:b23d79c13370   7 years phi avoid getenv() and use more portable roar_env_get(). Also improved …
(edit) @5753:8f9452db74de   7 years phi corrected compiler attriebutes
(edit) @5752:ec433a3a02b8   7 years phi Improved env API
(edit) @5747:17e1c9dacc8f   7 years phi Provide a more common interface for path config.
(edit) @5742:c2540f169bdf   7 years phi added function roar_vio_dstr_cat() used to concatinate filename/paths
(edit) @5736:eaa82bc3b6e7   7 years phi small text correction
(edit) @5735:98e080acad16   7 years phi added Common Service Interface (CSI)
(edit) @5734:3c50beea56d4   7 years phi updated list of FNs
(edit) @5733:a0c8a7be1ae7   7 years phi added function roar_buffer_new_str() create buffers from string literals
(edit) @5716:d245a19d4c3d   7 years phi added new flag KEEP_RUNNING
(edit) @5698:6dfbfdbe14bd   7 years phi added some stuff for future use
(edit) @5694:d31d31565f84   7 years phi small updates to scheduler API
(edit) @5692:0480fc56e68a   7 years phi Added scheduler (mainly for IO events) (Closes: #206)
(edit) @5690:9205cac1fbb1   7 years phi Improved handling of mixing OpenSSL enabled applications with libroar …
(edit) @5682:6601185c62a4   7 years phi added ROAR_VIOF_APPEND
(edit) @5668:c9259aec2986   7 years phi hardened macros
(edit) @5667:7bc121d15d0e   7 years phi added function retruning common namespaces
(edit) @5665:10c164fd8e04   7 years phi Added support for v3 and v5 UUIDs.
(edit) @5661:efd1ca5963ee   7 years phi Improved kv API: added roar_keyval_copy()
(edit) @5651:b0e163908378   7 years phi Added compiler checks for printf() like format strings.
(edit) @5646:962e433070f3   7 years phi Updated list of error values.
(edit) @5644:ebfbaab396d7   7 years phi Improved kstore API (See: #317)
(edit) @5624:ec1593cc8525   7 years phi Added support for RePlayGain? (RPG) control (See: #300)
(edit) @5623:cd8f318fd1a9   7 years phi Fixed metadata handling in meta.c.
(edit) @5622:902c833ffb62   7 years phi Added meta generes (See: #301)
(edit) @5619:16fe78ec277c   7 years phi Implemented watchdog (Closes: #291)
(edit) @5618:bcbd2e7b3060   7 years phi Added protocol magic numbers for RPLD and MPD protocol, see #262
(edit) @5615:980750396d94   7 years phi Allow passing of extra parameters to cdrivers (Closes: #290)
(edit) @5609:df67bf570248   7 years phi add feature test macros for roar_ctl_c2m2() and roar_ctl_m2c2(), see #286
(edit) @5608:584b36c566e2   7 years phi Handle super long client names well (Closes: #286)
(edit) @5606:f7617b41972e   7 years phi Updated common protocol interface (Closes: #257, #256)
(edit) @5603:0577a2d5a9a6   7 years phi Added roar_buffer_moveintoqueue() (Closes: #283)
(edit) @5602:6d421545ca98   7 years phi moved strselcmp() and strseltok() to libroar (Closes: #285)
(edit) @5589:de9dbc2ecc4b   7 years phi Updated UUID support to fixs shortcoming detected by rpld. Closes: #276
(edit) @5582:f3111257da86   7 years phi added a macro for FNREG (callback) registration
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