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(edit) @5908:66940b2023ee   7 years phi Added roard driver: i2cdmx.
(edit) @5902:b82b16021032   7 years phi * Added GPIO service. * Added GPIO driver: piface.
(edit) @5893:fd6ef5e67871   7 years phi Added build summery feature to RABS and configure script.
(edit) @5885:e1f3bdc847fa   7 years phi added support to install plugins
(edit) @5877:a4f11b406e73   7 years phi updates to the --minimal port
(edit) @5871:3745eda53275   7 years phi Use 16 bit mixers in roard on win32 to avoid problems with wmm (Closes: …
(edit) @5827:3b1863b5106a   7 years phi check for /bin/sh
(edit) @5825:3e41991f9a62   7 years phi removed yet another set of -DXXX as well as $(PKGDEFINES). Updated …
(edit) @5824:dc8445dc0451   7 years phi make correct use of API, reduced number of useless -DXXX arguments
(edit) @5810:d44ff4605fa5   7 years phi added a lot paths to our path config (roar_libroar_get_path())
(edit) @5803:073311b042e8   7 years phi Removed unused checks in configure. Improves build speed slightly.
(edit) @5791:cfd78ecb471f   7 years phi added configured path prefix-ckport
(edit) @5721:677b4d5d2dde   8 years phi added new plugin protocol-http
(edit) @5707:7d65a9262d31   8 years phi Removed check for libuuid as it is no longer used.
(edit) @5689:ad8e3a521821   8 years phi Disabled gcrypt support by default.
(edit) @5684:b1596a025f3f   8 years phi moved checks for winsock and pthreads out into build system
(edit) @5679:4622adf8136f   8 years phi added support for a function printing help for "common" options as …
(edit) @5677:3f17f2d93137   8 years phi use configure.all
(edit) @5674:8ffa3afc2d9e   8 years phi Install parts from build system (Closes: #325)
(edit) @5673:39fae10996f6   8 years phi updated list of prefixes
(edit) @5670:c566dfc0ea28   8 years phi prepare for closing #325: move some parts of configure in a subdir
(edit) @5669:b43ae8224d92   8 years phi Added new configure option '--root' (Closes: #326)
(edit) @5641:cfd2cf3d0475   8 years phi Changed default linkage model for ELF to indirect (Closes: #281)
(edit) @5638:af9493352ce2   8 years phi Disabled building with libFLAC when using --without-beta (See: #306)
(edit) @5604:78266fa2ded3   8 years phi Typo corrections (Closes: #282)
(edit) @5588:1a1099a03106   8 years phi test all dlfcn functions with the same settings for minimal mode. Without …
(edit) @5575:5293c26f7113   8 years phi Did some win32 porting: * clean up of old win32 Makefile patching * …
(edit) @5573:c044289e8f24   8 years phi Disable building of roard plugins on windows as PE doesn't support them …
(edit) @5564:7f16f44c7538   8 years phi Stop building roard with -rdynamic on win32 (Closes: #269)
(edit) @5563:700a9230af93   8 years phi added --prefix-plugins to --help, it was missing
(edit) @5517:287ced72ce95   8 years phi Fixed detection of dynamic loader on *BSD.
(edit) @5493:ed802d14a722   8 years phi test for needed functions, not just fail on OpenBSD
(edit) @5490:7a730f6b3243   8 years phi --default-bits no longer sets bits for roard
(edit) @5426:ad8620ca97f3   8 years phi install plugins
(edit) @5425:2c3f247e8f9a   8 years phi use SHARED_SUFFIX from configure script, not hardcoded list
(edit) @5423:ecb64035ba72   8 years phi added support to load plugins from search path
(edit) @5408:c6d31c2e4a51   8 years phi re-ported to f* s* bla win32 !*!*Dd*S!, I hate this.
(edit) @5398:65e61a890135   8 years phi added support for --no-* and --maybe-* to libc tests.
(edit) @5397:29df4cdcb5a6   8 years phi use date -u not --utc as it seems to be more /universal/
(edit) @5379:2a383aaf4b1b   8 years phi * Cleanup, * Set ISIT_BUILD in roard, * Test for more alternatives for …
(edit) @5362:1fe6471e62bc   8 years phi some fixes for --minimal
(edit) @5353:de96f27919bf   8 years phi serveral updates to roarpluginrunner and plugin API in general
(edit) @5293:142c0f3fe2cd   9 years phi test for qsort()
(edit) @5285:8d3f14f63bbe   9 years phi test for h_errno
(edit) @5281:a3e62a32a24f   9 years phi test for sinf() and M_PI_2
(edit) @5279:bb3ff1f2be28   9 years phi added support to hostid and license to server info struct, added support …
(edit) @5277:bb4dd5146647   9 years phi better english
(edit) @5210:8eb738dee9d4   9 years phi Updated ports to minimal, win32 and avr (pr2)
(edit) @5133:e1fcef35fec5   9 years phi corrected error in makefile for multi lib tests
(edit) @5102:04186989eedd   9 years phi roard now starts up in 32 bit mode by default. (configure option has been …
(edit) @5089:b6accd8444a9   9 years phi Fixed endlessloop in MIDI subsystem (Closes: #137)
(edit) @5059:ceb1b45d179d   9 years phi test for clock_*()
(edit) @5056:b31e60545552   9 years phi support auto reconf bits=32->16 in case not supported (See: #48)
(edit) @5052:cb2f08ce86a6   9 years phi where is no cf with name cf
(edit) @5048:caed7d22a1c5   9 years phi test for getpwnam() and getgrnam()
(edit) @5020:c5d5637d2d25   9 years phi test for sleep()
(edit) @5016:d755412ea43d   9 years phi test for f{,d,re}open() and fclose()
(edit) @5000:7c1c23e65bb5   9 years phi test for strlcpy() and strlcat()
(edit) @4993:924b682793fd   9 years phi fixed version regex to work on OpenBSD
(edit) @4983:04b19616aa77   9 years phi password API is no longer considerd BETA
(edit) @4982:b47dc078552e   9 years phi renamed --use-memory-api to --with-memory-api, added option …
(edit) @4981:42ff2a53e084   9 years phi test for reboot()
(edit) @4976:18dca9e46749   9 years phi added roar_version_string(), roar_version_num() and ROAR_VERSION
(edit) @4960:60cdebcb83ef   9 years phi some updates for pulseaudio emulation, converted libroarpulse-simple fully …
(edit) @4959:d12fc58681b0   9 years phi added --use-memory-api to configure script
(edit) @4958:2d8a28f3d87f   9 years phi Added simple memmgr (memory Manager) code.
(edit) @4941:b592d1652ef4   9 years phi reset locales (wine needs this)
(edit) @4940:3c55a0fbd3f6   9 years phi test for sys/stat.h and do not assume it as not present on some systems
(edit) @4938:bb074f761e86   9 years phi some minor fixes for win32
(edit) @4899:b742443febfd   9 years phi support for indirect dependency linkage
(edit) @4888:49d6ddbc22e0   9 years phi added test for nanosleep()
(edit) @4854:82a998e0e904   9 years phi test for version of portaudio 19
(edit) @4851:d46b432ae11a   9 years phi added support to run some script after complete shutdown
(edit) @4798:f2e4a51c34bc   9 years phi added --with-trap-api
(edit) @4797:225c5eae7eae   9 years phi typo
(edit) @4776:8b0f989ca928   9 years phi test for linux decnet_neigh and arp table files.
(edit) @4759:10a753806fd5   9 years phi Added IPv6 support
(edit) @4751:86b8468f9404   9 years phi Disable more stuff in minimal build (Closes: #104)
(edit) @4750:f664c0081d25   9 years phi make hwmixer code optional
(edit) @4749:3f23463f988e   9 years phi updated configure to list options of wildcard parameters (Closes: #27)
(edit) @4748:d7be1c18ccb5   9 years phi updated configure script to honor LDFLAGS and added --opti to set …
(edit) @4731:c30218a490bd   9 years phi enable runtime detect on crosscompile
(edit) @4724:747c9ba78db2   9 years phi build pc files only if possible (on native compile or with helper)
(edit) @4723:e4a0ba316600   9 years phi added support to test_func_defmake to link additional libs. This was …
(edit) @4718:eff5b46526d0   9 years phi added VIO based direct access to SYSIO [gs]etsockopt()
(edit) @4705:109ee6f17831   9 years phi got gopher finally working, now moving myself into sleepingbag device…
(edit) @4696:8f0152fb77ba   9 years phi --oss-mixer-devFixed Typos (Closes: #100)
(edit) @4694:e76447506ed4   9 years phi test for win*'s GetVersionEx?()
(edit) @4693:280b4fee8fb1   9 years phi better test for network headers
(edit) @4652:bca0fa4eabf1   9 years phi added support for distri version string part
(edit) @4651:f3c0c6129920   9 years phi disable some new beta stuff in --witout-beta
(edit) @4631:46d914ee39e4   9 years phi Honor CFLAGS
(edit) @4599:7dedd8a4c3f5   10 years phi test for flac version
(edit) @4589:9ebd8df83f8f   10 years phi test for libFLAC and link it into roard, need to write cf code now
(edit) @4578:05e0736acc7b   10 years phi test for zlib
(edit) @4566:ef829932fde0   10 years phi fix env var overwriting
(edit) @4565:9576101fedbb   10 years phi add more debug lions
(edit) @4564:f8a71755fcfc   10 years phi moved header checks…
(edit) @4563:a5d6bc3b1709   10 years phi changed the sendfile() test
(edit) @4562:addf6b595966   10 years phi possible fix for OpenBSD errors with ksh
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