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(edit) @5873:6e1396661359   7 years phi Corrected symlink creation to avoid problems on non-win32 (Closes: #346) …
(edit) @5864:e13c4ae4d193   7 years phi $(TARGET) -> $(TARGET_TYPE)
(edit) @5860:0f9c72535106   7 years phi yet another round of win32 fixes. Should close #328
(edit) @5858:5ce239c522ac   7 years phi yet another round of win32 bug fixing…
(edit) @5857:eaee1fe78bb6   7 years phi yet another funny win32 hack
(edit) @5856:09a439a8012c   7 years phi only create symlinks to comp libs if they exist
(edit) @5788:6d07bf5272f7   7 years phi cleanup
(edit) @5674:8ffa3afc2d9e   8 years phi Install parts from build system (Closes: #325)
(edit) @5426:ad8620ca97f3   8 years phi install plugins
(edit) @5423:ecb64035ba72   8 years phi added support to load plugins from search path
(edit) @5099:6dc0eaf7031e   9 years phi Corrected targets for complibs symlinks (Closes: #168)
(edit) @4859:317062b26155   9 years phi Install ckport database
(edit) @4732:a03796b026cd   9 years phi only install pc files if we have build them.
(edit) @4724:747c9ba78db2   9 years phi build pc files only if possible (on native compile or with helper)
(edit) @4559:4660942db9dc   10 years phi correct usage of COMMON_SOVERSION
(edit) @4015:838f54911831   10 years phi correct symlink generation for complibs
(edit) @3894:52c5bf528a45   10 years phi corrected use of exec helper, and filename suffixes
(edit) @3885:5a193b4204cc   10 years phi reorder build of subdirs, needed to build roard with sndio on non-sndio …
(edit) @3831:0f9c7eb89afb   10 years phi build and install .pc files
(edit) @3704:9f320e90953b   10 years phi include libroarrsound in Makefile, configure script
(edit) @3553:a59148580a05   10 years phi make Makefile a bit more clean from bad stuff
(edit) @3182:1e1a1f25408c   10 years phi cleanup
(edit) @3181:513b1f6a889e   10 years phi use build libroaross, use it as complib, added support to roarify, unset …
(edit) @3163:133492b7f0e9   10 years phi tests can create a sandbox for tests, still need to update all the paths
(edit) @3106:55344ba30420   10 years phi no link chain, direct links
(edit) @3097:3d9a2a9c6783   10 years phi added distclean target
(edit) @3081:2a06e1e5fd01   10 years phi add version numbers to libs
(edit) @2909:20a721526f9a   11 years phi use list of comp libs to create the symlinks
(edit) @2880:99f82f37e630   11 years phi added --without-comp-comp-bins, added the compbins subdir to the Makefile
(edit) @2851:01f348597ff4   11 years phi added support for compbins
(edit) @2845:411d444a473c   11 years phi PREFIX_COMP -> PREFIX_COMP_LIBS, added PREFIX_COMP_BINS
(edit) @2571:f7682f8a74be   11 years phi patches to use $DESTDIR in makefiles
(edit) @2065:e68137d1c47e   11 years phi added single quotes around prefixes
(edit) @2050:2a4791050950   11 years phi use $SHARED_SUFFIX in most important makefiles
(edit) @1737:a7828fd858a0   11 years phi make it possible to disable singe components. components are: lib, roard, …
(edit) @1712:0643bf43a304   11 years phi use $PLUGINS
(edit) @1709:8ccbff60c50f   11 years phi make plugins speratly, make all plugins known to work from configure
(edit) @1620:fab4abb48429   11 years phi added PREFIX_COMP to install target
(edit) @1618:f1acd1bac092   11 years phi added PREFIX_COMP
(edit) @1607:a400220f1564   11 years phi don't write useless lib_c= lions, don't build libroarsndio on OpenBSD for …
(edit) @1557:30d70493aa37   11 years phi added libroarsndio into the build system and Changelog
(edit) @1410:41f10c244ee3   11 years phi added target test -> redirect to subdir tests
(edit) @1049:1196fa3d6392   11 years phi include plugins/ao on normal install
(edit) @866:1ab3d8baa4be   12 years phi added install and semi-install target (and prep-install-dirs as a dep)
(edit) @726:26e7ed06ca23   12 years phi applied janus' patches for OpenBSD, fixed corruped libroaresd/Makefile
(edit) @655:1840c381edcc   12 years phi link roard and roarfilt with -lroardsp
(edit) @482:f07b16e8cfea   12 years phi make Makefile make compatible, no need for gmake :)
(edit) @462:08db2c1fa036   12 years phi started libroararts
(edit) @427:08afb0cf13b7   12 years phi use $MAKE not make
(edit) @426:a032dfca46cf   12 years phi build only subdirs we know we can build
(edit) @335:b278b5ab2048   12 years phi added libroaryiff - Y Sound Server Library emulation
(edit) @11:448f85f5b3e7   12 years phi added new tool roarfish
(edit) @3:e527cc3492b7   12 years phi changed Makefile to hadle CVS a bit better
(add) @0:2a41d2f42394   12 years phi Initial revision
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