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(edit) @5873:6e1396661359   7 years phi Corrected symlink creation to avoid problems on non-win32 (Closes: #346) …
(edit) @5871:3745eda53275   7 years phi Use 16 bit mixers in roard on win32 to avoid problems with wmm (Closes: …
(edit) @5870:4ea810a09919   7 years phi Also set PATH so tests works on win32 as well (Closes: #341) (pr1)
(edit) @5868:d612b9d75c5b   7 years phi Corrected default paths (Closes: #345) (pr1)
(edit) @5867:992c88c8fc83   7 years phi Release!: v. 1.0beta9-pr0 roaraudio_1_0beta9_pr0
(edit) @5863:8cf5a5b1effc   7 years phi Added support to disable debugging information (Closes: #338)
(edit) @5861:70faa5b54ee7   7 years phi Fixed symlink creation on win32 (Closes: #328)
(edit) @5843:62465e3791bc   7 years phi Added support for +fork on win32 (Closes: #337)
(edit) @5837:96349d1c8634   7 years phi Avoid %llX on win32 (Closes: #271)
(edit) @5836:81ccac5ddc61   7 years phi Added half of the support for AppSched? Triggers ABOUT, HELP and …
(edit) @5834:22e75d31bfd8   7 years phi Fix #296 by using a workaround (disabling RTLD_DEEPBIND). Needs to be …
(edit) @5814:81052ac84144   7 years phi Improved CSI: Make it easier to register and access services.
(edit) @5806:a0d6fbdffd36   7 years phi Made build system tests return correct error codes.
(edit) @5805:63c6f28a0374   7 years phi Re-ported to OpenBSD. (and broke other system? ;)
(edit) @5803:073311b042e8   7 years phi Removed unused checks in configure. Improves build speed slightly.
(edit) @5802:13b1653a55cc   7 years phi Mark roarsockconnect, roartypes and roarfish as obsolete.
(edit) @5801:a18f62799dc6   7 years phi Updated manpages.
(edit) @5800:887ccce13fff   7 years phi Release!: v. 1.0beta8 roaraudio_1_0beta8
(edit) @5798:87e639a47a62   7 years phi Release!: 1.0beta8-pr0 roaraudio_1_0beta8_pr0
(edit) @5789:8dd93115a2ad   7 years phi updated changelog
(edit) @5764:2305386b07ad   7 years phi Added support to roar-config to check versions (Closes: #336)
(edit) @5763:83d26dff8492   7 years phi Moved notify debugging support out of roard into plugin debug-notify.
(edit) @5757:75c9b2e184f3   7 years phi Added support for configureable memmgr backend (Closes: #334)
(edit) @5752:ec433a3a02b8   7 years phi Improved env API
(edit) @5747:17e1c9dacc8f   7 years phi Provide a more common interface for path config.
(edit) @5743:65ae3bfff7d8   7 years phi Allow RAT builds on systems with full linkage.
(edit) @5740:b3aff85876f1   7 years phi commit 1: Moved protocol support into new plugins protocol-esound, …
(edit) @5721:677b4d5d2dde   7 years phi added new plugin protocol-http
(edit) @5715:0ead15b11f72   7 years phi added CPI support, manpage still needs to be updated
(edit) @5711:b5dd05170412   7 years phi Added new plugin: dmx-waveform.
(edit) @5709:41cdb8bba0b4   7 years phi Added new plugin: dmx-random.
(edit) @5708:8d1c97c7cd44   7 years phi Fixed roard's 'dmx' driver.
(edit) @5707:7d65a9262d31   7 years phi Removed check for libuuid as it is no longer used.
(edit) @5706:db47b2d9c689   7 years phi make it more easy to access DMX channels via plugin
(edit) @5705:9fadc1c280d6   7 years phi prepare for next version
(edit) @5704:4f46882e020b   7 years phi Release!: v. 1.0beta7 roaraudio_1_0beta7
(edit) @5702:690822a04186   7 years phi Release!: v. 1.0beta7-pr0 roaraudio_1_0beta7_pr0
(edit) @5692:0480fc56e68a   7 years phi Added scheduler (mainly for IO events) (Closes: #206)
(edit) @5690:9205cac1fbb1   7 years phi Improved handling of mixing OpenSSL enabled applications with libroar …
(edit) @5689:ad8e3a521821   7 years phi Disabled gcrypt support by default.
(edit) @5687:2462b285607d   7 years phi Fixed segfault caused by strstr() in low level socket interface.
(edit) @5686:e84d8862c65b   7 years phi fixed linkage error for libshout on win32. Closes: #331
(edit) @5685:02bcdb0dc76c   7 years phi updated changelog, Closes: #330
(edit) @5674:8ffa3afc2d9e   7 years phi Install parts from build system (Closes: #325)
(edit) @5672:ac5f50ae33f2   7 years phi Improved roar-config.
(edit) @5669:b43ae8224d92   7 years phi Added new configure option '--root' (Closes: #326)
(edit) @5665:10c164fd8e04   7 years phi Added support for v3 and v5 UUIDs.
(edit) @5664:3aa27a75a787   7 years phi Changed plugin ABI version number for roard.
(edit) @5662:6c1654f74e24   7 years phi Avoid warning about failed memlock on win32 (Closes: #329)
(edit) @5661:efd1ca5963ee   7 years phi Improved kv API: added roar_keyval_copy()
(edit) @5660:e0c9654ef2b1   7 years phi Release!: v. 1.0beta6 roaraudio_1_0beta6
(edit) @5659:2f72757b24d9   7 years phi Release!: v. 1.0beta6-pr0 roaraudio_1_0beta6_pr0
(edit) @5651:b0e163908378   7 years phi Added compiler checks for printf() like format strings.
(edit) @5649:d8f15a090b25   7 years phi Optimized roar_buffer_set_len() for incremental buffer size growth …
(edit) @5648:2072511fe57d   7 years phi typo
(edit) @5647:3707f49de5ab   7 years phi Added RAT test 'buffer_set_len'.
(edit) @5646:962e433070f3   7 years phi Updated list of error values.
(edit) @5644:ebfbaab396d7   7 years phi Improved kstore API (See: #317)
(edit) @5643:26caa60db561   7 years phi Updated VIO CMD to work around kernel bugs in Linux kernel.
(edit) @5641:cfd2cf3d0475   7 years phi Changed default linkage model for ELF to indirect (Closes: #281)
(edit) @5640:00dd1147ce70   7 years phi Removed support for roard's proto support (replaced by CPI) (Closes: #278)
(edit) @5639:b8cdcac37ffe   7 years phi Removed roard's sched support (Closes: #277)
(edit) @5638:af9493352ce2   7 years phi Disabled building with libFLAC when using --without-beta (See: #306)
(edit) @5637:8222fdbd0cdd   7 years phi corrected typos, thanks to Adam D. Barratt
(edit) @5636:d19c95055ecc   7 years phi typo
(edit) @5635:94450e5c67fc   7 years phi Added audio click to roard's libshout driver "shout".
(edit) @5634:7ad2a55f0205   7 years phi Updated CMD VIO to no longer eat more than needed. Helps resolving a …
(edit) @5633:d4e4fbb90e25   7 years phi Fixed memory leak in hash framwork. Affacted RNG (Closes: #310)
(edit) @5632:76709e1fb0f4   7 years phi Release!: v. 1.0beta5 roaraudio_1_0beta5
(edit) @5630:7be0ad84e16a   7 years phi Release!: v. 1.0beta5-pr0 roaraudio_1_0beta5_pr0
(edit) @5625:722bbc6d4930   7 years phi Fixed compiler warnings about roar_meta_strtype(3) (Closes: #305)
(edit) @5624:ec1593cc8525   7 years phi Added support for RePlayGain? (RPG) control (See: #300)
(edit) @5623:cd8f318fd1a9   7 years phi Fixed metadata handling in meta.c.
(edit) @5622:902c833ffb62   7 years phi Added meta generes (See: #301)
(edit) @5619:16fe78ec277c   7 years phi Implemented watchdog (Closes: #291)
(edit) @5618:bcbd2e7b3060   7 years phi Added protocol magic numbers for RPLD and MPD protocol, see #262
(edit) @5617:df74a3973acb   7 years phi Converted roard's protocol-irc plugin to CPI (Closes: #295)
(edit) @5615:980750396d94   7 years phi Allow passing of extra parameters to cdrivers (Closes: #290)
(edit) @5614:8d2ab70551ac   7 years phi Fixed pa_xfree() (Closes: #293)
(edit) @5613:a9e1c552762c   7 years phi Release!: v. 1.0beta4 roaraudio_1_0beta4
(edit) @5611:2e880acd804e   7 years phi Release!: RoarAudio v. 1.0beta4-pr1 roaraudio_1_0beta4_pr1
(edit) @5608:584b36c566e2   7 years phi Handle super long client names well (Closes: #286)
(edit) @5606:f7617b41972e   7 years phi Updated common protocol interface (Closes: #257, #256)
(edit) @5604:78266fa2ded3   8 years phi Typo corrections (Closes: #282)
(edit) @5603:0577a2d5a9a6   8 years phi Added roar_buffer_moveintoqueue() (Closes: #283)
(edit) @5602:6d421545ca98   8 years phi moved strselcmp() and strseltok() to libroar (Closes: #285)
(edit) @5601:caf14a86cb29   8 years phi Release!: v. 1.0beta4-pr0 roaraudio_1_0beta4_pr0
(edit) @5595:9129092429a1   8 years phi updated manpages
(edit) @5589:de9dbc2ecc4b   8 years phi Updated UUID support to fixs shortcoming detected by rpld. Closes: #276
(edit) @5579:3887ff7af8e7   8 years phi Converted roard plugins to universal where possible (Closes: #256)
(edit) @5576:a98545bcc3f1   8 years phi Support a common protocol interface (Closes: #257)
(edit) @5573:c044289e8f24   8 years phi Disable building of roard plugins on windows as PE doesn't support them …
(edit) @5571:b46ece5b30bf   8 years phi Improved support in roard for client passing.
(edit) @5570:36de076e54f7   8 years phi Improved roarclientpass in execed mode.
(edit) @5569:ce502c95f097   8 years phi Improved tic-tac-toe plugin.
(edit) @5567:6ecf012d7063   8 years phi roard now tries to auto load missing protocols as plugins (Closes: #275)
(edit) @5565:8e621ff8c3d0   8 years phi * Renamed protocol plugins for roard to protocol-* (Closes: #258)
(edit) @5564:7f16f44c7538   8 years phi Stop building roard with -rdynamic on win32 (Closes: #269)
(edit) @5562:cda7c58fcf5c   8 years phi prepared ChangeLog? for next release
(edit) @5561:6b90284299f6   8 years phi Release!: v. 1.0beta3 roaraudio_1_0beta3
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