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(edit) @5736:eaa82bc3b6e7   7 years phi small text correction
(edit) @5735:98e080acad16   7 years phi added Common Service Interface (CSI)
(edit) @5734:3c50beea56d4   7 years phi updated list of FNs
(edit) @5733:a0c8a7be1ae7   7 years phi added function roar_buffer_new_str() create buffers from string literals
(edit) @5732:c992b3a63250   7 years phi added support to return the null uuid
(edit) @5731:6410f5b8df75   7 years phi some reformating
(edit) @5730:bffff5f70163   7 years phi support index files
(edit) @5729:bd681a5766d0   7 years phi include all standard libroar functions
(edit) @5728:8ea83eb211cf   7 years phi allow '+'-escapes
(edit) @5727:9e76f3c57c5f   7 years phi removed debug lion I forget before last commit
(edit) @5726:4a15c13827a8   7 years phi allow passing GET parameters thru uste
(edit) @5725:a6b8cb206c2b   7 years phi added working uste support
(edit) @5724:065ec1638fac   7 years phi allow zero size buffers
(edit) @5723:805947093c12   7 years phi allow deleting of clients in flushed() callback
(edit) @5722:00b33daf291c   7 years phi corrected version
(edit) @5721:677b4d5d2dde   7 years phi added new plugin protocol-http
(edit) @5720:d5aae161b279   7 years phi do not try to add the current new buffer to itself.
(edit) @5719:39a38999c3a5   7 years phi added new options for CPI
(edit) @5718:5158fae0edc9   7 years phi cleanup
(edit) @5717:9fabbe9dc953   7 years phi corrected lhandle context switching
(edit) @5716:d245a19d4c3d   7 years phi added new flag KEEP_RUNNING
(edit) @5715:0ead15b11f72   7 years phi added CPI support, manpage still needs to be updated
(edit) @5714:d9d16e63c248   7 years phi avoid segfault in case host argument is NULL
(edit) @5713:e7d936e294ac   7 years phi exit main loop in case no work is to do anymore.
(edit) @5712:1548b8b21bd4   7 years phi moved to scheduler API
(edit) @5711:b5dd05170412   7 years phi Added new plugin: dmx-waveform.
(edit) @5710:8a616242d3a1   7 years phi added some more debug lions
(edit) @5709:41cdb8bba0b4   7 years phi Added new plugin: dmx-random.
(edit) @5708:8d1c97c7cd44   7 years phi Fixed roard's 'dmx' driver.
(edit) @5707:7d65a9262d31   7 years phi Removed check for libuuid as it is no longer used.
(edit) @5706:db47b2d9c689   7 years phi make it more easy to access DMX channels via plugin
(edit) @5705:9fadc1c280d6   7 years phi prepare for next version
(edit) @5704:4f46882e020b   7 years phi Release!: v. 1.0beta7 roaraudio_1_0beta7
(edit) @5703:706f18704566   7 years phi updated list of tested systems
(edit) @5702:690822a04186   7 years phi Release!: v. 1.0beta7-pr0 roaraudio_1_0beta7_pr0
(edit) @5701:4371aa150bec   7 years phi update list of tested systems
(edit) @5700:de1e4e4e9c9d   7 years phi updated version
(edit) @5699:8ecf8585d370   7 years phi updated ckport database
(edit) @5698:6dfbfdbe14bd   7 years phi added some stuff for future use
(edit) @5697:f3a6f503e20e   7 years phi allow CPI stubs
(edit) @5696:9aee2cd179af   7 years phi do select after wait-after-select in case select before wait in …
(edit) @5695:dd52b51afdfb   7 years phi support diffrent strategy values.
(edit) @5694:d31d31565f84   7 years phi small updates to scheduler API
(edit) @5693:dcaff5077c48   7 years phi corrected host display
(edit) @5692:0480fc56e68a   7 years phi Added scheduler (mainly for IO events) (Closes: #206)
(edit) @5691:e65ea98f0053   7 years phi added some more debug lions
(edit) @5690:9205cac1fbb1   7 years phi Improved handling of mixing OpenSSL enabled applications with libroar …
(edit) @5689:ad8e3a521821   7 years phi Disabled gcrypt support by default.
(edit) @5688:c7e8e3a700ec   7 years phi avoid a warning on OpenBSD
(edit) @5687:2462b285607d   7 years phi Fixed segfault caused by strstr() in low level socket interface.
(edit) @5686:e84d8862c65b   8 years phi fixed linkage error for libshout on win32. Closes: #331
(edit) @5685:02bcdb0dc76c   8 years phi updated changelog, Closes: #330
(edit) @5684:b1596a025f3f   8 years phi moved checks for winsock and pthreads out into build system
(edit) @5683:4101c33111f7   8 years phi avoid null as it is a reserved keyword on win32.
(edit) @5682:6601185c62a4   8 years phi added ROAR_VIOF_APPEND
(edit) @5681:1c08abfc1f13   8 years phi include a makefile usefull to build plugins
(edit) @5680:ec4eb4ae4eb8   8 years phi added write_header() and write_footer()
(edit) @5679:4622adf8136f   8 years phi added support for a function printing help for "common" options as …
(edit) @5678:aaa11622d746   8 years phi added function write_vars_configh_string and write_vars_configh_literal
(edit) @5677:3f17f2d93137   8 years phi use configure.all
(edit) @5676:76b2ff90b88f   8 years phi added an include-all file
(edit) @5675:b41001973643   8 years phi corrected shift count
(edit) @5674:8ffa3afc2d9e   8 years phi Install parts from build system (Closes: #325)
(edit) @5673:39fae10996f6   8 years phi updated list of prefixes
(edit) @5672:ac5f50ae33f2   8 years phi Improved roar-config.
(edit) @5671:104880ca7a9d   8 years phi hopefully corrected filename used on win32 for bin format test
(edit) @5670:c566dfc0ea28   8 years phi prepare for closing #325: move some parts of configure in a subdir
(edit) @5669:b43ae8224d92   8 years phi Added new configure option '--root' (Closes: #326)
(edit) @5668:c9259aec2986   8 years phi hardened macros
(edit) @5667:7bc121d15d0e   8 years phi added function retruning common namespaces
(edit) @5666:f8d48d28e43e   8 years phi cleanup
(edit) @5665:10c164fd8e04   8 years phi Added support for v3 and v5 UUIDs.
(edit) @5664:3aa27a75a787   8 years phi Changed plugin ABI version number for roard.
(edit) @5663:f1ab5592bc0a   8 years phi cleanup of unused functions
(edit) @5662:6c1654f74e24   8 years phi Avoid warning about failed memlock on win32 (Closes: #329)
(edit) @5661:efd1ca5963ee   8 years phi Improved kv API: added roar_keyval_copy()
(edit) @5660:e0c9654ef2b1   8 years phi Release!: v. 1.0beta6 roaraudio_1_0beta6
(edit) @5659:2f72757b24d9   8 years phi Release!: v. 1.0beta6-pr0 roaraudio_1_0beta6_pr0
(edit) @5658:5631f2804e9c   8 years phi updated list of tested systems
(edit) @5657:213ade86900e   8 years phi updated roar_kstore_*() infos
(edit) @5656:8c2f811b3ed4   8 years phi updated version
(edit) @5655:02f22fb10f00   8 years phi corrected format string. Thanks OpenBSD for detecting :)
(edit) @5654:25b8ac2d3613   8 years phi build CPI objects based on configure options
(edit) @5653:a544ab772198   8 years phi avoid compiler warning with -DDEBUG
(edit) @5652:4680a269b984   8 years phi typo in debug message
(edit) @5651:b0e163908378   8 years phi Added compiler checks for printf() like format strings.
(edit) @5650:21e9c5f21d73   8 years phi did some hardening for key names being NULL within a kv array of known …
(edit) @5649:d8f15a090b25   8 years phi Optimized roar_buffer_set_len() for incremental buffer size growth …
(edit) @5648:2072511fe57d   8 years phi typo
(edit) @5647:3707f49de5ab   8 years phi Added RAT test 'buffer_set_len'.
(edit) @5646:962e433070f3   8 years phi Updated list of error values.
(edit) @5645:5d0d591fd4e6   8 years phi make local copies of key names
(edit) @5644:ebfbaab396d7   8 years phi Improved kstore API (See: #317)
(edit) @5643:26caa60db561   8 years phi Updated VIO CMD to work around kernel bugs in Linux kernel.
(edit) @5642:01d2c082d450   8 years phi updated manpage
(edit) @5641:cfd2cf3d0475   8 years phi Changed default linkage model for ELF to indirect (Closes: #281)
(edit) @5640:00dd1147ce70   8 years phi Removed support for roard's proto support (replaced by CPI) (Closes: #278)
(edit) @5639:b8cdcac37ffe   8 years phi Removed roard's sched support (Closes: #277)
(edit) @5638:af9493352ce2   8 years phi Disabled building with libFLAC when using --without-beta (See: #306)
(edit) @5637:8222fdbd0cdd   8 years phi corrected typos, thanks to Adam D. Barratt
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