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(edit) @5966:7d466f34f1a3   6 years phi Release!: v. 1.0beta11-pr0
(edit) @5965:6466ea2a6392   6 years phi corrected release name
(edit) @5964:b5473506d575   6 years phi updated test results
(edit) @5963:6469e3f67ff3   6 years phi updated ckport db
(edit) @5962:1f27cef8dbfa   6 years phi added some docs about the inner structure of the packets
(edit) @5961:06e7fd9e4c25   6 years phi Updates of copyright and license headers
(edit) @5960:65dc0ae5bc75   6 years phi some coding style fixes
(edit) @5959:b568f7b84e08   6 years phi Also use uname() and hostid for seeding nonce generator.
(edit) @5958:1414eda6efc3   6 years phi Removed OpenSSL support (See: #366)
(edit) @5957:603c1244304d   6 years phi Added support for setting a default device for roard at compile time.
(edit) @5956:13272e1c7e6d   7 years phi updated library version
(edit) @5955:2ae1c52c3610   7 years phi Implemented read-only support for RAUM files using uniraum, support using …
(edit) @5954:de6e7e247a3d   7 years phi added error message in case of unknown roard option
(edit) @5953:2ce9f99eea14   7 years phi Removed roarfish(1) (Closes: #339)
(edit) @5952:240af432f273   7 years phi cleanup: reorder array content
(edit) @5951:b0e1eff45456   7 years phi more header cleanup: cleanup of #includes
(edit) @5950:7fe8f5df7a83   7 years phi code cleanup and again a patch for checking commandlion parameters
(edit) @5949:9528e85ba67c   7 years phi Marked roarcatvio as obsolete. Added all unique features to roarcatplay.
(edit) @5948:708e8b6a2dec   7 years phi updated docs
(edit) @5947:93f916c17f6d   7 years phi removed old and strange --codec parameter
(edit) @5946:68e3f2d817d2   7 years convert-repo update tags
(edit) @5945:513aedefab60   7 years phi Updated checks on commandlion parameters (Closes: DEB#716264, DEB#716251, …
(edit) @5944:526e0c5d5d96   7 years convert-repo update tags roaraudio_1_0beta10
(edit) @5943:f121050cfd98   7 years phi Release!: v. 1.0beta10
(edit) @5942:0a695b10b8a8   7 years phi updates of tested systems
(edit) @5941:f6512b8486f5   7 years convert-repo update tags roaraudio_1_0beta10_pr0
(edit) @5940:1e86fff9251a   7 years phi Release!: v. 1.0beta10-pr0
(edit) @5939:3e6e81a738b9   7 years phi updated README
(edit) @5938:c1768c970578   7 years phi updated ckport database
(edit) @5937:99bf6b3b3ebe   7 years phi get the strobe plugin working correctly
(edit) @5936:6b9dee5bea08   7 years phi added plugin to control a strobe
(edit) @5935:fc010238c494   7 years phi added some more aux functions for plugin access to DMX data
(edit) @5934:29b946216873   7 years phi updated docs
(edit) @5933:e2de7f786235   7 years phi allow reading commands from file
(edit) @5932:8f1c725d66c3   7 years phi added support to send RoarDMX events
(edit) @5931:238a9651c499   7 years phi added database functions for RoarDMX event names
(edit) @5930:2c5f4164ec03   7 years phi set another small internal update. Renamed set command to sset.
(edit) @5929:e3e67f000dce   7 years phi improve inner structure
(edit) @5928:4b47df830204   7 years phi typo
(edit) @5927:95a79080ea30   7 years phi cleanup of code structure and added support to support events
(edit) @5926:5ce8b7f77388   7 years phi added support EVENT type messages
(edit) @5925:dcfea52c6539   7 years phi remove useless linking of libm into libroarlight
(edit) @5924:1488a53c9a47   7 years phi improve the RoarDMX code a bit: cleanup and better error handling.
(edit) @5923:bd4b44c86d16   7 years phi support debuging those new notify events
(edit) @5922:ba2b6d64a1d9   7 years phi updated the way the new events are defined
(edit) @5921:2fa512f52879   7 years phi added more strobe related events
(edit) @5920:749a4a6a1413   7 years phi added very basic support to handle RoarDMX events
(edit) @5919:527e233c7bad   7 years phi add more notify types related to light control
(edit) @5918:46739cba184c   7 years phi another small type cleanup
(edit) @5917:316fad0b1a8e   7 years phi some more cleanup: moved RoarDMX support in a diffrent file and clean up …
(edit) @5916:39c3ed2d8a40   7 years phi some type cleanup
(edit) @5915:817bfd509b75   7 years phi updated list of cvsignore files
(edit) @5914:9e171a5ee4c3   7 years phi make it work again
(edit) @5913:25cf996e88b3   7 years phi updated some protocol constants
(edit) @5912:57ee7d410296   7 years phi updated device type checks
(edit) @5911:eb49ed15aa92   7 years convert-repo update tags
(edit) @5910:cb47378a0e0b   12 years phi initial import roaraudio init
(edit) @5909:dc9fdf2f6793   7 years phi get i2cdmx driver to work with test hardware
(edit) @5908:66940b2023ee   7 years phi Added roard driver: i2cdmx.
(edit) @5907:e4b706566364   7 years phi support samples-per-tick parameter
(edit) @5906:006573352519   7 years phi updated protocol support to support /banks/
(edit) @5905:30fa6187b488   7 years phi added experimental DMX driver for I²C based devices
(edit) @5904:768618299b76   7 years phi added write support to special bar port
(edit) @5903:cac26a3b3cb0   7 years phi invert input ports as they are inverted on hardware
(edit) @5902:b82b16021032   7 years phi * Added GPIO service. * Added GPIO driver: piface.
(edit) @5901:64d1f534671b   7 years phi added roar_mm_free_noerror() and make some use out of it
(edit) @5900:3dbe762edefe   7 years phi some movements in direction of getting this more portable
(edit) @5899:4e7e80f39536   7 years phi use a instance-local global state
(edit) @5898:ab8c0f4c5c02   7 years phi corrected display in summery of libs disabled by the user
(edit) @5897:b737a5a50fc7   7 years phi added var /err/ to win32 code
(edit) @5896:aef8b3923086   7 years phi cleanup of usage of hard coded buffer lengths. Migrated some cases to …
(edit) @5895:2bcffab4cd73   7 years phi Moved away from roar_libroar_get_path_static()
(edit) @5894:c74dcbd245fc   7 years phi updated version
(edit) @5893:fd6ef5e67871   7 years phi Added build summery feature to RABS and configure script.
(edit) @5892:de5e972ea65b   7 years phi Release!: RoarAudio Main Package v. 1.0beta9 roaraudio_1_0beta9
(edit) @5891:f6604e7966b8   7 years phi updated list of packages, thanks to maxine
(edit) @5890:5a7cc67672f5   7 years phi Release: v. 1.0beta9-pr1 roaraudio_1_0beta9_pr1
(edit) @5889:d866fb1213d6   7 years phi avoid segfault in rpld by testing our args for validity
(edit) @5888:07e8ce696124   7 years phi Added new plugin service-client.
(edit) @5887:9aa2beedb9a4   7 years phi finalized service API for "client" universal service
(edit) @5886:6000d0df9dce   7 years phi updated name of services
(edit) @5885:e1f3bdc847fa   7 years phi added support to install plugins
(edit) @5884:2cea563f456d   7 years phi small updated: avoid generation of invalid paths as well as adding support …
(edit) @5883:8b5433d9827b   7 years phi made uste support useable again
(edit) @5882:7e44c5648fc4   7 years phi added needed forward declerations
(edit) @5881:ba1d4c9f5d8c   7 years phi corrected number of empty lions
(edit) @5880:0a5f9633d5ea   7 years phi updated prototype
(edit) @5879:d014ed05a65f   7 years phi added more services infos, yet they are not offical
(edit) @5878:3b92b0d6ef9b   7 years phi make config.h more friendly to other langs
(edit) @5877:a4f11b406e73   7 years phi updates to the --minimal port
(edit) @5876:c91bbf4178df   7 years phi corrected help output
(edit) @5875:9714028b09ba   7 years phi update roar-config infos
(edit) @5874:f33956b6851a   7 years phi Merged patch manpage patch from debian
(edit) @5873:6e1396661359   7 years phi Corrected symlink creation to avoid problems on non-win32 (Closes: #346) …
(edit) @5872:fbb8c1e5aa02   7 years phi generate better output text
(edit) @5871:3745eda53275   7 years phi Use 16 bit mixers in roard on win32 to avoid problems with wmm (Closes: …
(edit) @5870:4ea810a09919   7 years phi Also set PATH so tests works on win32 as well (Closes: #341) (pr1)
(edit) @5869:f59dda501383   7 years phi Corrected default paths (Closes: #345) (pr1)
(edit) @5868:d612b9d75c5b   7 years phi Corrected default paths (Closes: #345) (pr1)
(edit) @5867:992c88c8fc83   7 years phi Release!: v. 1.0beta9-pr0 roaraudio_1_0beta9_pr0
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