source: roaraudio/libroarpulse @ 3424:be95fb35f8ec

Name Size Rev Age Author Last Change
.cvsignore 37 bytes 2802:ba5a00746517   11 years phi ignore *.dll and *.exe
channelmap.c 8.5 KB 3422:1e1481777215   10 years phi wrote some more funcs
context.c 8.4 KB 3411:fe6bc2bdebc2   10 years phi added support for a virtual default sink and source
introspect.c 11.3 KB 3420:a4ccb3b17562   10 years phi started with channel mapping stuff
libroarpulse.c 3.7 KB 3408:c2995580c30a   10 years phi added roar_pa_auinfo2sspec()
libroarpulseinfo.c 2.0 KB 706:6627e0732b98   12 years phi added license statements
Makefile 793 bytes 3423:5bfbb855d1de   10 years phi added stream.c
operation.c 2.7 KB 3400:e2e4250da752   10 years phi support pa_operations
sample.c 5.4 KB 3421:829b4fb6d821   10 years phi added float types
simple.c 5.2 KB 3389:62404943863d   10 years phi use roar_pa_find_server()
stream.c 11.0 KB 3424:be95fb35f8ec   10 years phi prototyoes
util.c 2.4 KB 2579:d5c092266261   11 years phi test for type of function
version.c 1.7 KB 3395:061eb4697ce1   10 years phi added version.c
xmalloc.c 2.9 KB 3394:e9e1f877b280   10 years phi wrote memory functions
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